Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Rewind and Priceless People

Oh, it's good to be back!  Back home where I belong!  After Easter I went on a little road trip with the kids to see my grandparents.  They are soooo dear to me and I like to pop in and visit them now and then, but especially at this time of year, as they are celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Dare I say which year they are celebrating??

68.  Yep.  68 years of marriage!

Oh, those grand folks...  Years do take a toll on one's body and mind, but my grandparents went along and seemed as though they would never show any age at all.  The differences are now creeping in, but  I can still see the special things in each of them that make them who they are.  I celebrate with them for where they are in life, I cry over their challenges, I try my best to help them sort things out as needed...  They pull at my heart strings with their struggles, I worry a great deal and pray always for them,  but I smile at how far they have come and who they are.  It's a priceless gift to have them and even more so to share them with my children.  If  only I could bottle up their knowledge, their experiences, their stories.

So coming back home to all of our Easter remnants made me want to slow down and look through some of the pictures we took.  Life seems to happen at warp speed.  One day is closed and gone and on to the next!  I'm so glad to have photo memories to remind me from year to year what we did, or for that matter, what I did yesterday!

Stripey egg meets stripey blanket.

Making hot-cross buns in an apron my grandmother gave to me.  I'm not sure if this was hers as a child or belonged to her mother.  I do know it's old.  And stained.  And I try not to wear it often.

Young man was invited to play with the bun-making process. 

I'm always amazed when cooking or baking at how ingredients transform before your eyes and become something beautiful to feed your family. 

Young Man really enjoys playing with flour!

The finished product.

These are the eggs I made after I read about them on Kate's blog, Greedy For Color

The finished Weekend in Stockholm throw I made for Hubby's chair.

I thought it seemed a nice match of colors for the chair.

I also decided to single crochet my blocks together with that chunky golden yarn so I could see it peek through.  I wanted a more rustic feel to this one.

What do you think?

See what was taking place while I was trying to get a nice, calm, shot of the throw on the chair?
Someone was visiting the top of the library table to rearrange my gardening books.
It's never dull.  But it is interesting here in the Hearth Room.  Now to work in the garden...  And to catch up on some very important crochet!

Hug a grandparent today.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Wishes

Happy Thoughts.

Fun Easter Baking.

The joy of decorating for little, smiling faces.

The smells of spring.

Special gifts from family that have made it through the years.

Bringing the outdoors in.

Marveling at how our hollowed-out eggshells from last year are still celebrating with us this year.

Sneaking in those once-a-year favorite treats.

Starting a new batch of crocheted eggs, thanks to Kate at Greedy For Color.  

Enjoying sunny time spent playing with colors for my "dogwood blossom" version of the Weekend in Stockholm square

I've just made the center blossom by doing a double treble to make it a tiny bit puffier.

This is just some of what's happening here in the Hearth Room.  I hope you have a wonderful, sunny, Easter weekend...  I hope it involves some of your favorite things.


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