Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Wishes

Happy Thoughts.

Fun Easter Baking.

The joy of decorating for little, smiling faces.

The smells of spring.

Special gifts from family that have made it through the years.

Bringing the outdoors in.

Marveling at how our hollowed-out eggshells from last year are still celebrating with us this year.

Sneaking in those once-a-year favorite treats.

Starting a new batch of crocheted eggs, thanks to Kate at Greedy For Color.  

Enjoying sunny time spent playing with colors for my "dogwood blossom" version of the Weekend in Stockholm square

I've just made the center blossom by doing a double treble to make it a tiny bit puffier.

This is just some of what's happening here in the Hearth Room.  I hope you have a wonderful, sunny, Easter weekend...  I hope it involves some of your favorite things.


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  1. Next Year: Easter: Me at Your House. :)
    LOVE the ideas! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the dogwood one finished!
    Have a blessed week!


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