Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Many Thoughts to Share!

Hello friends!  How are you?!
 I have so many thoughts jumbling up my mind to share with you that I'm Really, really going to try not to ramble on too much. 

Do  you know what this it?  Hmmmm?

It is a family of feet... All dressed in running shoes.  Well, not Sweet P., but she runs regardless of what's been put on her feet.  Yes, running.  Friends, I will be the first to admit that I stink as a runner.  I always think I'm going to die - it never gets easier... well maybe just a little, but I certainly have not experienced that 'high' that some describe.  Anyway, a little known fact about my Hubby:  He is an Athletic Trainer, yet most don't realize that given his current occupation.  What that means is that I should look like a million bucks!  Just kidding.  I'd have to stop eating this incredible Sugar Cream Pie for that to happen.  By the way, I just found this recipe today in one of my most loved ever cook books!  I don't know how I missed it.  And I've never seen sugar and cream cook up in a pie so pudding like and scrumptious, oh!  Yes, running.  See, Hubby taught me how to run years ago before Young Man was born.  Then he wrote a training program for my Elite Running Friend and myself because we thought it would be a good idea to run a marathon someday.  Ha!

So fast forward to the current, I want to get back into running for heart health, better fitness, etc., and Young Man has now signed up for a kids marathon so it seems the perfect time for us all to get started!

No we are not forcing Sweet P. to run.  They were just excitedly jogging toward the track where we will be exhausting ourselves.  So if I were a very brave soul I guess I would photograph myself at the now and then again later on to show you what progress I have made in this fitness endeavor of mine.  Truth is I'm not sure if I'm that brave, but maybe...  Also, boy would that hold me accountable!  Anywho, the objective is to teach Young Man to run safely and enjoy exercise with the family.  The secondary is to maintain our health and be stronger.  We ran our first mile Sunday afternoon and head back out tomorrow night.  Woo hoo!  I'll let you know how this goes, but I'm not sure about pictures just yet!

So, this old house...  We just keep moving things from one room to another...  Not sure if I ever told you here, but someone partly finished the basement here in recent years in a not-very-well-done way.  And we ripped it out last summer.  So my crafty table all things creative had to be moved upstairs for the time being.  They've been in a few different rooms, but now they rest in what should be a dining room. 

Well, it is the dining room, but since we needed the space in the living room (we really are trying to paint and decorate around here a little!) my stuff had to be moved somewhere else until the basement is a go again.  It works fine this way.  I kind of like seeing some of my yarn and WIPS as I travel through.

Problem is, I tend to have A LOT going on at any given moment and it tends to look a mess.  See the little red apron hanging there?  Yep, Sweet P. still hates it.  Sigh...  See the yellow stripey giant granny in the basket?  An unexpected baby shower gift that is almost done!

Yes, it fits in here fine for now.  And just think, as I finish up things it should get neater!

Aren't these cute!?  They are little barrettes.  They aren't totally done yet, but almost.  Funny thing is I bought the barrettes with plans to make little flowers and then received a Lionbrand email showing little flowery barrettes!  So I tried their pattern and then changed it up a bit.  Guess what??  Sweet P. hates these too!  Ugh.  It's early yet.  She'll come around.  I will try to remember to come back and show you these when they are done properly!

What about my Ripple?  You ask?  What about the Curli-Q flowery scarf?  The scarf is still in the making.  The Ripple is:

Right here.  I know you can't see it because I pulled it ALL out AGAIN!  But totally this time!  I really, really do want to make this ripple.  It had grown on me, but I was not loving the colors.  It was also sooooo big I really needed to rethink things.  So I will be starting it back again.  Isn't this fun?  Watching Christina torture herself over a Ripple afghan?!  I need to complete a few smaller projects and then will tackle that Ripple!

See that really bright pink in the back left corner there?  I've got immediate plans for that!  I'll show you soon!

So after baby granny, bright pink yarn, and then the barrettes - I will tackle the Ripple and have a better plan.  This color journey really has taught me a few things.  I love color, but wow is it hard to make the look I have in my head turn out right in the blanket.  I've got to work on that. 

Last thing I've been meaning to share with you is the WonDerFul woman I met at the Downtown Historic Market.  Diane - she made this ring!  When my Elite Running Friend was in town we found Diane selling her goods and had to  make a little purchase.  She had the most amazing rings and baubles for necklaces and she has an Etsy shop called The Velvet Peony

You know what else?  I'm coming up on my first year Bloggy anniversary.  Yep.  I can't believe it myself.  I mean, I just now am sort of getting the hang of this.  Problem is right now I have way too many ideas and creative things popping in my head to share at once.  Anyway, I was thinking of celebrating with a give-away drawing.  Let me make a plan and then I'll come back and share my ideas with you all. 

Sorry this was a very long rambly kind of post.  I warned you!

Until then:  xoxo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Little Apron

I mentioned that I made up a little something on a whim Friday afternoon.  Sweet P. received a play kitchen as a Christmas gift and LOTS of pretend food.  So it just occured to me that she needed a little apron.  I had a sweet, colorful image pop into my head that started with lots of red and dashes of various other colors.  But somehow I think the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday got in there and it began to be very red and white and pink....  So I went with it. 

Can't you picture some Valentine's Day baking being done in this little cutie?  It's also very Lucille Ball-ish, isn't it?  Truly I was trying to use up some old acrylic stash yarn and these were the colors I grabbed to start with and then as it took the form of a Valentine, I just went with that.  I hope Sweet P. will wear it and play kitchen with me.  But you know what?  I think she hates it!  She only let me put it on her once and that did NOT last long.  Well, it's too small for me so I hope she comes to like it soon.

So on to the next project!  See you soon!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Close Call

We are feeling Very VERY Very thankful here in the Hearthroom this weekend and I just want to share my little story to inspire all of you to follow your gut, your nose, or whatever else lets you know that something is just not right.

Thursday night here Sweet P. woke screaming at 11:30.  When I stepped out of bed I could smell the very toxic smell of  plastic burning...  I scooped Sweet P. up and put her in my bed with Hubby while I went to find the source of the smell.  I had had a ceramic heater on earlier, so that was the obvious suspect.  I checked it out and unplugged it thinking it must have had something to do with the smell.  Hubby got up and checked it out but everything seemed fine.

But I could not rest until I found the source of the smell.  I returned to Sweet P's room and began checking EVERYTHING. 
 Lamps, baby monitor, toys...  Feeling walls and light switches.  Then as I stood there looking at her crib I realized there was an outlet just behind it.  I pulled her crib away from the wall to find that outlet burning hot.

The plasltic safety plugs were melting inside the outlet.  The outlet itself was beginning to turn yellow from the heat and the wall was hot.  And to think my baby's bed was up against that wall. 
We turned off the power to the room and had a wonderful electrician pay us a visit the next day, (Thank you, Laura!),  and now all is well here at the Hearthroom.  But I just can't tell you enough how THANKFUL I am.  I am so thankful for God's protection, that I couldn't rest, that Sweet P. woke up.

So just be mindful if you feel something isn't right or if you think you smell something burning. 
Don't let it go until you feel certain you've found the source. 

As one friend put it, "I think you've averted tragedy."

Ok, there's my message to you all! Now on to less dramatic things like yarn...

This Ripple, I'm telling you... it almost didn't make it.

At some point when I picked it back up after all the Christmas goings-on, I realized I had a mistake in a previous row.  Gulp!  Well I'll just have to see how I can accommodate for it in the next row so it all works out very Ripply like it should.  Right?

As Young Man was watching me struggle with this particular problem, he said, "Mom, you're gonna have to rip it out."  Well after all the air was sucked out of the room I said I was not going to rip it all out!  I had made progress!   But the more I looked at it (my cover-up wasn't going well) I really REALLY did NOT like the colors I had put together or the way I had done it at all and I actually decided right then and there to bag the WHOLE idea.

So at next opportunity I began ripping it out.  But a funny think happend right after I ripped out the row with the error and the rows of color combos I did not like, I began to feel very sorry to lose the whole thing.  I mean, I really wanted to do this Ripple thing.  So I stopped ripping. 

Sweet P. and I went to the yarn box and began sorting colors and trying 2 and 3 together to see how they felt until we came up with something I thought would work.  I actually labeled all my yarn labels a, b, c, etc... and started adding rows.  I think it's actually ok this time.  Even though I feel like I'm back at the beginning.

What do you think?

As I said before, I am on a Color Journey with this project.  Breaking out into the wide world of color which I so rarely attempt.  But I'm learning something about myself here in this process.  So here it is...  I do love color.  And I'm sure I will continue struggling and putting more colorful projects together, BUT:

I am a color-scheme kinda girl, I think.  You know what I mean?  Like making a project with a controlled amount of color to match a room or to give a certain look...

Anyway, I am happier with my Ripple.  I'm sooooo happy I didn't bag the whole idea.  And I still have so many projects lined up to get to that I'm bursting at the seams!  I am trying to stay focused on my newly loved Ripple and that Curli-Q flowery scarf I showed you earlier.

I did make a little something yesterday on a whim that I'll be back to share really soon.  

So be safe, check out all the smells you smell, squeeze your yarn and hook up something great! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Brings...

Really cold days with flurries, the inevitable after Christmas clean-up, back to work, and back to school.  Whoa, let's pace ourselves here...

I really, REALLY like snow and wish WISH wish we actually had some measurable amount to be excited about, but flurries are pretty.  We'll take them, too.

And as much as I love a clean house I must admit there are things that take the back seat on a good day.  Then there are the things that I just plain refuse to worry about while we are on Christmas break.  I mean, other than the day to day necessities, I'm not chasing dust bunnies down the hall.  No way.  Well, need I say that as the time has come to begin putting Christmas gifts away and clearing a path through the Lego blocks and pretend food, those dust bunnies delighted in showing themselves.  And the bathroom, ugh, there are no words.  But it's ok.  It's all part of The Plan.  Rest with my family in the beauty of the Season. 

And now it's over and Cleaning Day 2012 began. 

So with MUCH putting and puttering and downright scrubbing, I have reclaimed this house.  It's not perfect, but it's loads cleaner and more organized now.  So on to... School.

Monday evening tuck-in time happened to be something of a surprise to me as I noticed slightly tearing eyes looking up at me from the covers.  What?!  My goodness!  What's wrong Sweet Boy?

A strained little voice told me that Daddy had to go back to work in the morning and we would be back to lessons and it's just been such a good, fun time...  You understand.

The Homeschool Mother in me began to panic as I could take this to mean he dreads returning to our schooling, but I know that's not it.  He, just like myself and Hubby, just was not ready to shake the comfort of random play and rest and jump back to reality.

So we eased into our day with the things he loves most and concentrated on reading fluency exercises and comprehension.  And I noticed how much he laughed and ran and was full of energy throughout the day.  He is truly such a happy kid.  There is no dread, so Homeschool Mom can breathe a sigh. 

So after all that reading fun, Young Man decided he wanted to finish a book he received as a Christmas gift, so I was able to finish this while Sweet P. napped.  Yes she napped!

Sorry, but I really can't show too much of this just yet.  It's a gift for a baby shower for a lovely crafty friend.  This needs to be a surprise for a few more days, then I can share another glimpse of the hooky goodness.  So in the mean time I will show you this:

Yum.  Just yum, YUM, yummy! 
This little basket of scrumminess was a gift and I think I mentioned a little about a flowery scarf before...

Here is just a bit of what I've started.  A long vine full of leaves, both large and small.  One curly-Q flower that definitely has potential.  I mean the first one is always, "Ok, where are we going with this..."  But now I can see the curly-Q will be a fun little flower once I tidy it up a bit.

Oh, I think I'll be busy with some blocking after this one, but I am just so excited to be working on some of the projects that are on my mind!  So exciting to see them come to fruition!  The problem is that while I'm working on one, I'm planning the next one.  Or stressing that my Ripple is not growing while I'm fooling around making flowers, etc. 

That's ok.  I'm pacing myself.  So now I'm off to read to the little one, feed the big one, dive into our fabulous school books, finishing my cleaning goals for the day and patiently wait for my window of nap time opportunity to make curly-Q flowers.  Or Ripple.

Happy Fresh Starts to YOU! 

I love your comments...