Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Fall Celebration

Another tradition:  The First Fall Fire and Picnic
It just seems that each fall as we continue to spend more and more time outdoors, eventually we catch a chill.  It's a good kind of chill.  Not at all the kind of chill that makes one run for the comfort of the indoors, but instead the kind of chill that we like to enjoy. 

The good kind of chill that makes you want to stay out for more.  I think it's the kind of chill that warns us that it soon will be too cold for such outdoor enjoyment, so we had better stay out and work and play and take in all that we can before it's too late.  So at this point each fall someone suggests it's time to light a fire in the pit.  And I know full well that no one wants to come inside to eat dinner when there is a fire going outside, so it's dished up and brought out by the fire. 

It's another fun family time that we spend taking in the smells and sights of the season.  Little people still like to let the fuzzy Woolybear caterpillars crawl on them.  And we wonder each year if the Woolybear is a sign of a bad winter or not...  And wonder how much snow is in our future.  We hope and look forward to that, too.  But for now we are content to spend time in this golden, shadowy season and savor the distinct crunch under our feet from the falling leaves. 

And when we do come in, it's only even more perfect time for yarny projects.  The Ripple is done except for the 'secret edging' I've been working on.  This is just a peek of that edging.  Yes, I have pulled out those knitting sticks once again!   I remembered this sweet border pattern in one of my books and thought it would be a great little way to knock the rust off my knitting skills.  It's like getting your sea-legs...  Getting used to holding 2 needles rather than 1 hook, the tension, the fluidity...  It all comes back slowly.
I always think of my grandmother when I knit, (well, when I crochet, too), but especially when I knit.  She taught me both when I was a child.  The crochet came easier to me so it stuck.  She preferred knitting and has many beautiful garments she made over the years that are amazing.  It's also amazing she still has them packed away in such good condition.  But she isn't able to knit now.  Her sight is not what it used to be.  She does continue to crochet some, but even that has become so much harder for her.  It makes me sad to see someone losing the ability to do something they love and I really want to be able to keep both crafts alive since she was the one who taught me.  And often when I knit or crochet I call her up and we chat about what I'm making.  I called her about this edging and was telling her about getting used to yarn-overs, etc....  She laughs and says, "Oh, bring it with you when you come and I'll show you!"  I've realized that just talking about her favorite craft helps keep it alive for her.  Grandfolks are a treasure.  I'm such a lucky girl.
  I love the look of knit and crochet together so I look forward to tacking this onto my Ripple.  I'll come back and share when I have more edging done.  Then I can't wait to share the great big finished Ripple with you!  Wow.  I think it's been a year.  It certainly hasn't been a priority and loads of other hooky projects were done in the mean time, but it's great timing to get that blanket finished!  Just in time for the chill!  In fact, it's already been in use around the Hearth Room and I have to go find it in order to work on it, lol.  I can't wait to see what Granny has to say about it. 
So what do you enjoy about the fall season?  Do you or your family have any traditions?
Do you have special people you think of when you knit or crochet? 
Please share!  I'd love to hear... 

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  1. Such a nice time - and that catepillar is cute!


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