Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Striped Blanket





Eye Candy...  Yarn Candy.  That's what it is.  All those vibrant colors, toppled together in a random, fun way remind me of the candy stores you see in the touristy places these days.  Those bright colors draw the kids in.  They look up begging to step inside that candy store. 
I do love candy, but I don't need it.  Yarn is safer.  It only sits on my hips while it's in my lap being worked on or while I cuddle up in my creations.  When I get up to walk away, it stays behind, unlike that gorgeous, colorful candy.
So as I work on this fun, bright, Random Stripe Blanket I let the fun colors draw me in.  I pick out what feels right for this row, but before it's done, I'm thinking what splash of color should come next?  And what stitch or combination of stitches?
It's fun and foolishly addictive! 
I can't wait to see more of what Jules has done on her Random Stripe Blanket.  After all, she did start this whole thing!  She uses the most gorgeous colors, but of course, once again I am using up stash yarn, mostly acrylic, that has been left over and needs to have some purpose.  But I'm having so much fun doing this, that I'm dreaming of actually buying some yarn, and choosing colors to use for another one.
I started out according to Jules' directions.  While I wait for her next post, I just keep randomly adding to my blanket.  Once she posts, I will then add in whatever fun stitches she has included.  I will probably continue in that way for this one. 
For now, I am Rippling, Random Striping, and making another valance.  Oh, and working on my Secret Edging when able.
Hope you are having a good week!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Crocheted Jewelry Frames




 Good morning and Happy Friday to you!  I'm so glad the weekend is here.  I finally will get to mail this crafty swap I've been working on.  The Very Blue Yarn Cosmetic Bags were one of my spots and the second spot are these sweet little Crocheted Jewelry Frames.
I love framed crochet fabric and would very much like to do something artful to hang on the wall.   For these little gems you simply crochet a piece of fabric just a bit larger than the frame size you want to fill.  Remove the glass from the frame for a different use or recycle it.  Lay your crochet flat  and spread just a bit of fiber fill over the back of your fabric to give it some dimension.  Wrap the top and bottom edges around the support insert (back of frame) and hot glue them in place.  Do the same with the sides.
***  Word of caution:  Do a test run to be sure the back of the frame will still fit inside the frame BEFORE you hot glue it all together! 
 I used a coping saw to remove at least 1/8th of an inch from the backs of the frames in order to get them to fit inside the frames.  I then chose to embellish my pieces by wrapping a ribbon around them.  Next I "stuffed" them into their frames.  Ta-da!
Of course, at that point I figured I would either have to write down what the purpose of this little gift was or even better - demonstrate the purpose by making some jewelry.
Out came the beading stash from previous years...  Quite a collection I have there, too.  I haven't done any beading in years and it was really fun - and frustrating at times - to make these little earrings.  Golly, I've got to practice my head pin turns!  Anyway, I think the recipients of these sweet frames will know what to do with them now. 
They would make great Christmas gifts and are really easy to make.  Do you remember this one I made for Sweet P's barrette's?  I can see one making a nice pin board, too.  Oh, so many ideas, so little time! 
Have a great weekend and hook up something nice!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunflower Dressing

Axle says, "Good morning, Lovely Friends!"
Young Man was interested in learning how to use the Hipstamatic App on the cell phone and we snapped a few pics of his kitty.  I really liked this one.  And after visiting the Wordless Wednesday post over at  Ted & Agnes last night, I was reminded of this sweet picture and thought I'd share.  Again, Axle proves to be another fan of the Ripple!

But this is really about Sunflowers.....  Or well, it's about a shawl that ended up draped among the sunflowers, lol.  I spotted this pattern on Lion Brand a couple of years ago.  It's called the Elspeth Shawl and I just loved the stripes of the varying stitches.  So when I came across this tweed yarn called Dill Heather, I knew I had a match.  I mean, you know I love fall and you know I get very excited as fall is approaching.  As soon as I feel that crispness in the early morning air I'm sold!  Now, I know I've got a ways to go yet.  The heat's not ALL done, but it's close...

So along with all my Rippling activity and Secret Edging, this happened to come together very quickly!  You should try one for yourself or a gift.  If you're not a fan of the fall colors like I am, this would look great in any color or combination.  I'm thinking of doing one in a different yarn color like Claret Heather or the Marine...Or the North Pole Heather for winter.  
I am waiting for a couple of buttons to arrive here at the Hearth Room, then this Elspeth will be complete.  In my attempt to take a  picture of this shawl, I had to get outside.  You know the Hearth Room isn't the greatest place for light.  So as I wandered around looking for the right place to drape the Elspeth, this Sunflower waved me over, saying, "Pick me, pick me!"  I think they did a great job modeling together.
The Ripple is growing, the Secret Edging is growing, (and dare I say), I have also been inspired by the lovely Jules over at Little Woolie  to make a Random Stripey Blanket.  I'll share that nifty bit later!  But right now I will tell you that I think it's name should be Candy Land.  Jules is doing a crochet along, so go check it out!
Hope you are having a lovely week!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ripple Update...

Well, it's been a while since the Ripple has made an appearance here.  So, here it is in all it's stringy glory!  Although I haven't actually measured it yet, it's getting really long.....

I decided to make it nice and wide to cover our bed.  The sheer width somewhat terrified me there for a while, as it took me sooooo long to complete a row.  I actually considered this blankie just may have to have vertical stripes so I could make it more narrow and end up with something the size of a throw.  Ahh, laughing at myself now.  I'm so impatient.  Of course, I spurred myself on to continue and a make a nice big blankie.  I will measure it when I'm all done and let you know the size. 

In the mean time, I've gotten used to my 'sea' of colors and I truly think the unbelievable softness of the yarn is what inspired me to keep on with this.  When it's done, it will be large enough to put on our bed, but I don't think it will ever make it there.  Too many people are trying to claim it already.  I bet it's going to be one of those that gets cuddled up on the couch. 

I've got a few more rows to do yet, but the best part....  Do you know what the BEST part is???!!  I have been working on a Secret Edging...!  I am so totally stoked about that, if only I don't mess it up!

Can't wait to share!  Right now the Hearth Room is quiet and I have a hot cup of tea calling my name.  It's sitting right beside my Secret Edging.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue Yarn Reveal


Hey, Friends!  Do you remember my pile of Very Blue Yarn?

I managed to come up with five little bags for the swap I'm in.  I used this #6 bulky yarn and an N hook with a free pattern from Lion Brand.  You have to register with their site to gain access to the free patterns, but once you do,  just search for "perfect purse".  This little purse works up beautifully as written, but I altered it along the way to accommodate my biggy yarn and hook. 

It was fun to make each one a tiny bit different.  I made a couple horizontally and a couple vertically.  All of them have basically the same flap, according to the pattern, just a much shorter version. 

I did add a strap to one bag, as it will be a gift for someone very shortly.  I can't say who and potentially ruin the surprise!  But I thought it might come in handy for one sweet lady who just needs to tote a couple items to church...  Ssshhh....

The rest of the bags for the swap I am considering to be 'cosmetic bags'.  They are relatively small and would hold lotions or pedicure supplies nicely.  I have tucked a few gifty items inside for the recipients and made little tags with some of my Cath Kidston papers.  I'm liking them...  Maybe I should make a few more as Christmas gifts.

Well, I have also finished up some sweet jewelry frames for the same crafty swap.  I have enlisted the help of Hubby to finish the frames with the coping saw, as I think I may just ruin it all very quickly if left to do that alone! 

I'll share soon!

Have a Very Happy Day!

ps...  Don't you just love lavender?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We've been out-and-about a bit lately, finishing up summer.  I'm thankful we are not having sweltering heat and dry, brown grass...   I love that things are still looking lush and green.  The flowers in the garden are blooming like crazy!  I've really enjoyed bringing them inside,( after careful inspection for shiny, black spiders, of course).  It seems that summer has flown by.  We've tried to incorporate some fun and relaxation into our random summer schedule, but somehow it just seems we've been busier than ever.  We've tried to take the kids on a few summer getaway type outings, but it honestly felt like everything cost too much and it was more work than rest.  Everyone ended up more tired than refreshed.   I'm so glad to be home.

I still have more squash than I know what to do with, so it's being hidden in peach muffins and everywhere else I can think to stash it!  I have pulled some of the plants out that were really wilted and looking done.  It was a happy celebration, actually.  I mean, I do love the whole Garden Growing thing and am Very grateful to have Garden Success, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  Those gorgeous squash plants took over a huge space and it's nice to clean up that area somewhat now. 

Looking forward to fall is similar to going into spring for me.  It's another time of clean up and renewal.  Time to prepare for cooler months ahead. Cleaning up the yard, preparing for a warmer house, and stocking the bookshelves for the school year ahead.  Boy, we have a lot going on! 

I'm looking into some new insulating type curtains for the Hearth Room, but something that still allows light in.  It's time to crochet more valances (that actually become valances!) and I really need to work on some pillow covers.  I have a lot of ideas and not as much time!  I do happen to have some pictures of what happened to all that blue yarn to show you!  Oh, and I've been working on that Ripple like crazy!  It's grown so much and I truly think I'm loving it now.  Not that I'd do the same wild color thing again.  You know, I need more structure and control, lol... 

So I have some updates to share and will be back real soon with those. 

Happy day to you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Assorted Crochet

It seems I have  a number of projects on various hooks lately.  I normally stick to one delightfully yummy crochet obsession at a time, so this is a bit unusual.

I always have a huge list of wanna-do's, of course, but I tend to get really in to whatever I'm doing at the moment and can't wait to get it finished.  However, this lovely project happened to jump right into the middle of my well-thought-out plans...  It's a wrap that I've wanted to try for a long time and I just happened to find a scrummy yarn that Hubby bought for me last year...  Well, had to start it.

This is what held my current interest, though...  I decided to try an apron that was actually intended to be an apron, lol.  I chose a 'linen' yarn from my stash and really liked the rustic feel it had.  Then I ran out of yarn and will have to order some once it becomes available again.  So, while my interest is unabated, my lack of yarn leaves me stuck.

Hold on there, Little Star Stitch, I'll be back!
Of course, it's the big pile of blue yarn that I'm really working on just now anyway. You know, that little swap project I need to finish. I have all four done and just want to make a fifth one for a gift. Then I can add the details to all of them and share with you here!

Ahhh, some color!  After the brown yarn, the linen yarn, and the Hipstamatic setting, geesh! 

Thank goodness for flowers growing in bright, happy colors!  I think my next yarny creation might take a hint from the above!

See you soon with (hopefully) some 'after' shots!

I love your comments...