Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crocheted Apron!

Hello Friends!  I had to give you a little update.  Were you here to read about my Crocheted Valance?  Do you remember that I was thinking it wasn't going to make such a good valance after all?

And right then and there I decided it might have to be an apron...

Surprise!!!  Of course it won't always be worn by the mantel...

(Photo taken by Young Man)

I love it actually!  It just turned out that the loose nature of the pattern and the weight of the yarn allowed too much light through as a valance.  Not that a valance is supposed to block light necessarily, but with so much light behind the valance it just didn't look right.  So now I have a new apron and it has been perfect for wiping my constantly wet hands with all this produce washing that's been going on here at the Hearth Room. 

Some notes:  I used Knit Picks Cotlin which is a great sturdy yarn and seems to just keep getting better with washing.

I used the Nordic Star square pattern.  I made three of them and stitched them together, then bordered all around them in single crochet.

Next, I added rows of granny stripes in different colors, (which were chosen to match Young Man's room, as per the plan...).

When it became obvious this was NOT going to be a valance, I made two long ties of granny stripes, I think 3 rows each.  Stitched them on and:  Ta-Da! 

I'm thinking about making some more retro, farm-girl types of aprons now.  Hey, this one is a curtain after all...  Lol.  Now let's see if I can make a real Apron!

Note to self:  I still need to make some curtains.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Nice work! That looks handy to have.

    1. Thank you! Do you use aprons?

    2. Sometimes, yes! Sometimes I wish I remembered to use them more often.


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