Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a Bird Thing...


The Baby Bluebirds are still here!  I guess I really can't call them babies anymore...
They often come and perch near the feeders and take turns in the bath, (which I LOVE!), but recently we have had a hawk near the house.  In fact, while sitting in the backyard one afternoon watching the kids play, a hawk swooped in and took a little bird away...  So sad.  I think it was a dove.  I couldn't believe how incredibly brazen that hawk was.  It's been a while now since we've seen the hawk or heard it's very distinct cry. 
So now the pretty birds are back!  Young Man built another blue bird box for me and it's been leaning against the garage and often falling over.  I all but begged Hubby to put it up properly this weekend.  All joking aside, after he had the box securely in place, those bluebirds were sitting on the box and peering inside it within 10 minutes! 
Now as long as I can keep birdies on the outside and kitties on the inside we should all get along just fine.
Now on to work some more granny squares for that tree skirt...  I am also working on some new Christmas ornaments.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Those little bluebirds are so sweet, we don't have them here, wish we did!
    I do agree kitties and birdies are best kept apart!!
    Have a lovely week Christina,
    Vivienne x


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