Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ornament Swap Peek


I do love to Make Things.
I find inspiration almost everywhere. 
But when it comes to swapping I tend to over-think things.  I definitely want to make something the recipient will actually like, love, adore...! 
I often question whether my rather whimsical, rustic, handmade ways will appeal to another.  I fall into the trap of trying to find different ideas, something from a source not my own, something more suitable...?
Then I return to what feels right to me.  And I still genuinely hope the sweet folks on the receiving end will smile when they hold in their hands a little bit of whimsy from the Hearth Room. 

These have been so much fun to make, and I love their simple beauty.
I'll share more just after I get them all packed up for their new homes. 
They have a big trip to take tomorrow!



  1. I think they are going to turn out just lovely. I love the thought of hessian roses on a tree. So charmingly rustic.

    1. Thank you, Tania! I'm feeling the need to make some for myself now...

  2. Those roses are amazing! lovely job.


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