Friday, July 27, 2012

The Squirrel Ate My Picnic

Yes, it's true.  I was really surprised, in fact.  I mean, as far as I know, squirrels eat nuts.  I must admit that I have never actually spent any time studying the eating habits of squirrels much beyond how to prevent them from completely emptying the birdfeeders of seeds and nuts.  I have fed them corn in the past, you know, that hard, feed corn that stays on the cob that you place on a platform that presents you with a wonderful opportunity to watch the silly, entertaining critters. 

However, fried chicken?  Really?!  Well, I'm certainly no one to judge the eating habits of others, but I thought this guy must be really hungry to be attempting to steal our chicken!

We recently visited a new park with friends and enjoyed it sooo much that the kiddos have been begging to go back in the nearly 100 degree temps.  I finally gave in.  I packed a little picnic of fried chicken and fruit with lots of water.  Of course, upon arrival at this fun park, the kiddos had NO interest in food whatsoever.  I mean, there are swings and climbing things and slides!  And, did I mention the creek?  Yes!  A lovely, shallow, shaded creek that allows for lots of stomping and splashing and wading.  It has just enough big rocks to be a danger to Sweet P. and yet provide some sort of adventure for Young Man.  It's perfect. 

So as the kids ran off, I zipped our cooler shut (yes, zipped) and left it on the table in the pavilion.  Several minutes later, as we were returning for a water break I thought I was seeing something blurry in the pavilion, on our table maybe?  Yes, it was a blurry, fuzzy tail - coming out of our basket!  And he wasn't all that fussed about us approaching.  No, rather he just seemed annoyed and slowly hopped down and looked at us.  Nectarines still intact, bag full of chicken chewed through in various places.  That little critter!  Of course, I had to throw it all away for fear of the little people getting whatever squirrel-germs are going around.  And somehow it didn't seem fair to toss our chicken in a trash can with the fella watching me, but I can't really just throw fried chicken on the ground at a public park.  Well, with a little will and determination, which I'm sure he had, I'm sure he knows how to get to the bottom of that trash can...  If he's really that hungry.

Glad I had stashed a couple granola bars for the ride home.  I guess next time out I'll take some peanuts, too!

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