Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Brings...

Really cold days with flurries, the inevitable after Christmas clean-up, back to work, and back to school.  Whoa, let's pace ourselves here...

I really, REALLY like snow and wish WISH wish we actually had some measurable amount to be excited about, but flurries are pretty.  We'll take them, too.

And as much as I love a clean house I must admit there are things that take the back seat on a good day.  Then there are the things that I just plain refuse to worry about while we are on Christmas break.  I mean, other than the day to day necessities, I'm not chasing dust bunnies down the hall.  No way.  Well, need I say that as the time has come to begin putting Christmas gifts away and clearing a path through the Lego blocks and pretend food, those dust bunnies delighted in showing themselves.  And the bathroom, ugh, there are no words.  But it's ok.  It's all part of The Plan.  Rest with my family in the beauty of the Season. 

And now it's over and Cleaning Day 2012 began. 

So with MUCH putting and puttering and downright scrubbing, I have reclaimed this house.  It's not perfect, but it's loads cleaner and more organized now.  So on to... School.

Monday evening tuck-in time happened to be something of a surprise to me as I noticed slightly tearing eyes looking up at me from the covers.  What?!  My goodness!  What's wrong Sweet Boy?

A strained little voice told me that Daddy had to go back to work in the morning and we would be back to lessons and it's just been such a good, fun time...  You understand.

The Homeschool Mother in me began to panic as I could take this to mean he dreads returning to our schooling, but I know that's not it.  He, just like myself and Hubby, just was not ready to shake the comfort of random play and rest and jump back to reality.

So we eased into our day with the things he loves most and concentrated on reading fluency exercises and comprehension.  And I noticed how much he laughed and ran and was full of energy throughout the day.  He is truly such a happy kid.  There is no dread, so Homeschool Mom can breathe a sigh. 

So after all that reading fun, Young Man decided he wanted to finish a book he received as a Christmas gift, so I was able to finish this while Sweet P. napped.  Yes she napped!

Sorry, but I really can't show too much of this just yet.  It's a gift for a baby shower for a lovely crafty friend.  This needs to be a surprise for a few more days, then I can share another glimpse of the hooky goodness.  So in the mean time I will show you this:

Yum.  Just yum, YUM, yummy! 
This little basket of scrumminess was a gift and I think I mentioned a little about a flowery scarf before...

Here is just a bit of what I've started.  A long vine full of leaves, both large and small.  One curly-Q flower that definitely has potential.  I mean the first one is always, "Ok, where are we going with this..."  But now I can see the curly-Q will be a fun little flower once I tidy it up a bit.

Oh, I think I'll be busy with some blocking after this one, but I am just so excited to be working on some of the projects that are on my mind!  So exciting to see them come to fruition!  The problem is that while I'm working on one, I'm planning the next one.  Or stressing that my Ripple is not growing while I'm fooling around making flowers, etc. 

That's ok.  I'm pacing myself.  So now I'm off to read to the little one, feed the big one, dive into our fabulous school books, finishing my cleaning goals for the day and patiently wait for my window of nap time opportunity to make curly-Q flowers.  Or Ripple.

Happy Fresh Starts to YOU! 

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  1. Your crochet pics are beautiful! We had normal back to school issues in our house, after the holiday. But we moved into them rather easily any way. I am going to follow your blog cause I want to know what your final crochet project looks like :^)

    Lil Momma
    A homeschool mom who is working hard at improving my son’s reading fluency.


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