Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Ripple Border


Oh, that lovely Ripple that I worked on for over a year... 
If you've been visiting the Hearth Room for any length of time, you are probably already familiar with this old friend of mine.  We've had our issues, I'll admit.  Loved the yarn, hated the long redundant rows of the pattern.  Pulled out a gazillion rows because I didn't like the way the colors looked together.  Thought about scrapping the whole idea!  But since I had decided to challenge myself with this blanket making-endeavor offered over on Attic 24, I had to persevere.  I'm sure glad I was in love with the feel of that yarn!
In the end, I have a very heavy, quite generous, extremely colorful, 7 feet by 5 1/2 feet long blanket. 
It has actually been done for a few months now, but I could be bothered to snip ends and 'finish' it with all the excitement of the holidays ahead, so it was being used by Sweet P. in it's very straggly state for quite a while.  I also had started a pretty, red, knitted border for the Ripple back in the summer, but once I started finishing the blanket and put this edging with it, the edging looked way too nice along the crazy striped sides of this project.  I worked up a few borders to try and they all looked almost too 'nice' .  This Ripple was determined to make a statement all on it's own! 
I finally decided it just needed a small shock of red all around and I made a Bobble-Scallop border that I think gives it just enough interest and definition without making it any more busy. 
What do you think? 
And can you believe that this big blankie project that tested my patience and bored me (almost) into surrender has actually driven me to NEED to make more blankets!? 
I had to put this down and take many breaks from it while I completed lots of other hooky goodies, but in the end I soooo love this Ripple blankie, that I realize I need to make more for other rooms.  Not Ripples exclusively...  Maybe granny squares and flowers, but definitely more blankets of the hooky persuasion.  Yes...  I will check the stash and the drawers full of patterns and search for that next project to fill my basket. 
Of course, I do need to finish the other blanket that fills my other basket seen above...  That's the Random Stripe that I'm hooking along with Little Woolie.  It's much smaller, but really fun with all the bright colors and stitches thrown in.  It's a hooked up bunch of Happy for sure!
I happen to have a few other things on the hooks right now, too.  So another case of too much yarn, too little time, but it'll all work out! 
What are you making?
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Happy Day!
p.s.  That is Woody up there who was so excited to think I had given him the blanket when I was really trying to measure it.  He was also quite discouraged when asked to move so I could fold it up.  Yep, he's all dressed for Valentine's Day!  Such a good Puppers.


  1. Hi Christina! Glad you like my lampshades...just can't stop making them! I absolutely love your Ripple. They get under your skin don't they? xxx

  2. Your Ripple turned out great! I love the border; any plans to share that with us? (hopeful smile) I made one last year with the same pattern and had the same feelings; loved the colors and the way it turned out, but hated the monotony of the rows. Good for you for sticking with it until the end :-)


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