Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Assorted Crochet

It seems I have  a number of projects on various hooks lately.  I normally stick to one delightfully yummy crochet obsession at a time, so this is a bit unusual.

I always have a huge list of wanna-do's, of course, but I tend to get really in to whatever I'm doing at the moment and can't wait to get it finished.  However, this lovely project happened to jump right into the middle of my well-thought-out plans...  It's a wrap that I've wanted to try for a long time and I just happened to find a scrummy yarn that Hubby bought for me last year...  Well, had to start it.

This is what held my current interest, though...  I decided to try an apron that was actually intended to be an apron, lol.  I chose a 'linen' yarn from my stash and really liked the rustic feel it had.  Then I ran out of yarn and will have to order some once it becomes available again.  So, while my interest is unabated, my lack of yarn leaves me stuck.

Hold on there, Little Star Stitch, I'll be back!
Of course, it's the big pile of blue yarn that I'm really working on just now anyway. You know, that little swap project I need to finish. I have all four done and just want to make a fifth one for a gift. Then I can add the details to all of them and share with you here!

Ahhh, some color!  After the brown yarn, the linen yarn, and the Hipstamatic setting, geesh! 

Thank goodness for flowers growing in bright, happy colors!  I think my next yarny creation might take a hint from the above!

See you soon with (hopefully) some 'after' shots!


  1. Nice work! Love the flower, too.

  2. Gorgeous crochet Christina, I love that little stitch!
    happy weekend,
    Vivienne x


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