Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fairies and Dollies


There was a time in the summer ( I think) that I signed up for a couple of crafty swaps because I missed my crafty FRIENDS so much!  I haven't done any stamping or paper crafting, (I mean for-real-paper-crafting), in a LONG time.  I like it, I'm not the greatest at it, and I can get totally overwhelmed at the amount of STUFF you can buy to make a card or scrapbook page out of.  It's crazy the things you can do to decorate a piece of paper!  There is absolutely no end to amount of things you can do. 
Regardless, I do love all things creative and enjoy trying to make something out of nothing.  So when this idea of paper dolls and fairies came up I was pretty hooked, (Thank you, Susan)!  Sweet P. and I had a lovely time stamping out dollies and figuring out how to color them and make their clothes.  But then I had to figure out what exactly they were going to be.  They had to have a function of some sort.  So mine became booklists that I suppose could also be used as a bookmark...?  They were fun to make and I kind of liked how they looked in the end.  I only wish I had made one to keep!
The other swap was to be for something one could use in a fairy garden.  Well, a fairy would need a reading nook, right?  So we put together a tiny nest of moss and crocheted tiny fairy blankets to warm the tiny fairy feet....  And I sincerely hope that if any little fairies are gracing the Hearth Room with their tiny presence, that they find comfort in our attempt to furnish them!  Just a note:  To date, I have not seen the covers at all disheveled. 


  1. I admittedly use my paper doll as a bookmark and to list books I want to read soon. :) She is a cute reminder of you all.
    And the fairy beds are the sweetest... mine is tucked inside the fairy house in my fairy garden out back, patiently awaiting Spring. So pretty, almost makes you wish you were a fairy to cuddle up in it!
    Wish we could craft together... I have enough supplies for all of us! :) But then again, Spring is around the corner which means time for garden planning too...

    1. I'm so glad you're getting some use out of our goodies! I can just picture a little fairy in that 'reading nook' with a tiny, fairy sized book!

  2. I like that very much. As an avid reader I adore books marks and things.

    1. Thank you! I know you enjoy a good book! I think it's a great problem to have stacks and stacks of good things waiting to be read...


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