Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thankful Giveaway Results


Congratulations, Grammy Braxton!  Your name was pulled from my bowl in our highly technological way of doing things here in the Hearth Room!
I left you a comment, so please get in touch with me soon so you can play with some new yarn.
Again, thanks to my followers and all who read.  I look forward to doing some more giveaways in the near future!
And, Homeschool Jewelry Mom, yes I will be happy to share how I did my bobble-scallop border really soon!  Thanks for asking.  I need to make a quick trip to see those very special grandfolk, but when I get back, I will take care of that!
I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day.  It's not such a huge big deal to me, really.  But, you know we like to decorate and act silly around here for any reason.  So of course it's all about cards, candy and flowers, especially for the kids.  Even Axle got into the fun. 
Happy Day to you!
See you soon!



  1. YAY! I sent you an email, Christina with my address. I am soooooo excited to have won the giveaway! First time for me.


  2. Congratulations to Grammy Braxton!
    Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful giveaway; have a nice trip to see your family :-)

  3. Because you're so sweet, I have something for you over at my blog :-)


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