Friday, June 14, 2013

Granny Bunting Triangles Can Lead To...


Oh, it is nice to have yarn time...  It's so enjoyable to have a break from the routine, isn't it? 
While heading off to visit the beach I decided it was time to make another blanket, but this time with water and sand inspired colors.  However, another armful of very colorful yarn happened to get tossed into the bag, too.  I'm so glad it did, because as I was finally able to do some catch-up reading in blogland, I found that Lucy was wanting some Granny Bunting Triangles made up for Yarndale.  Oh how I would love to visit that festival!  But at least maybe I can ship a few pieces of bunting over and feel that I was a teeny, tiny part of it all. 
Anyway, after making a few triangles I couldn't resist the urge to make some up for a bikini.  Now, I would not be at all interested in wearing a bikini, but making them seemed like a great idea!  So I scaled down the hook and size and set off on a much smaller triangle.  It was great fun and seemed to fly off the hook!  It's so much fun to just make something up as you go.  So I have now finished this one and can't wait to start another. 
So the Granny Bunting Triangles led me to a bikini top and that ended up becoming a sweet little halter.  I'll be back to share the end result!  Now I'm off to start the next and ponder the making of some matching bottoms...
Just a note:  These triangles are seriously addictive.  Try a few!  I added some picot edging to a couple and a flower to one.  They have so much personality.  Gin:  I seriously recommend you make some bunting!  I'm so excited you've picked up a hook!
Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Cripes you're good! One day I'll be that good that I can just make it up as I go. For now, I will live vicariously through you.

    1. I'll be watching your blog for when you take off!!! Hook on, my friend.


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