Friday, June 28, 2013

Granny Halter and Deer Hugs


Oh, you addictive, little granny triangles...  What else can we do?  These little triangles were transformed very quickly into a sweet halter for Sweet P.  I felt like it was a tad short for her, so I went back and added a row of shell border to the bottom and it did much better.   I kind of think she's starting to like my creations.  I can only hope. 
 Oh, that reminds me...  Young Man actually ASKED me if I would make him a new sweater for Christmas this year!!!  Good golly, each time I think of it I'm filled with elation.  My tween, of all the things he could ask for, wants a crocheted sweater?!  He's very smart, though.  This could be a tactic.  You know, as in, 'hey, if I can get mom so over excited about my wanting her to crochet me something, she might just be excited enough to throw in a new ipad...' 
I don't know.  He's a good kid.  I'm just sayin'.
So since I'm still hooked on making triangles, it looks like there may be a whole new blankie made up of them in a very soft, beachy, color scheme.  More to come.
Have you hugged a deer lately?  I am over-the-top in love with this critter.  Ok, I get carried away about almost any critter I come in contact with, but this deer was amazing!  My family raised a deer when I was a kid and it's such a wonderful experience to be around a (should be/kind of still is) wild animal that you wouldn't normally be able to be so close to.  It was super special that my little people were able to visit with this sweet girl.  Oh, and when you have a chance to hug a deer, please make sure you work in the lecture on the benefits of NOT drinking soda.  Very important.
Ah, summer.  Finally, we are able to relax a bit and enjoy the yard and the kids.  Well, the yard has been work, but more on that later.  The kids are enjoying being outside and when the heat gets to be too much, we come in,  flop down and read something good.  The Homeschool Mom part of me is still somewhat in panic mode trying to grasp the reality that we don't have anything we HAVE to do...  Simply enjoy our books and puzzles.  I'm reprogramming myself.  I should be good to go by the time school starts again.
I'm finding that if you pour anything (like Moscato) over fruit in a Ball jar and throw in a handful of mint, you can't go wrong.  I had a moment when I was longing for one of those lovely glass decanters you see in all the big stores and magazines...  You know, the really fat ones with a spout?  But then I remembered when you have a canning jar you really don't need much else. 
Also, I'm very happy to report that Sam the Budgie is thriving!   We did have one small incident with a solar system model in Young Man's room.  Fortunately, we don't believe in letting him fly alone, so we were there to pull him out of the stars unharmed.
Have a happy day!
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  1. Oh My Goodness! That halter is soooo cute on her!!! Awesome. And its a great complement to you, Mom, that Young Man knows the quality and love that go into those sweaters and proudly wears them!


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