Thursday, October 27, 2011

Achieving Balance, or Pursuing It At Least...

The topic of maintaining balance and sticking to routine came up over and over again within the span of just a few days.  It just happened to be at a time when I was thinking about our Routine at home with schooling, child raising, housekeeping and crafting, oh and husband-taking-care-of.  And then there is downtime. 
Stop laughing.

So one of  my dear crafty sister-friends over on SCS was planning a Bible Study based on this book and I took the hint from the various emails, newsletters, blog posts and such that had been whispering balance, routine, etc., and hopped right in. 

I must admit that it has not been easy to get my chapter reading done promptly each week, as I suffer due to my lack of maintaining balance.  However, I faithfully work it in each week where and whenever I can that it won't interfere with the other people who live in this house.  And I am learning that there is no one secret to maintaining balance in one's life.  For me it is a process - an on-going process.  There are a GREAT many THINGS to DO in our days, are there not?  And I have trouble balancing it all.  I can accomplish it all but I'm not at all graceful about it.  I always feel behind or need to do something else and can't get to the things that have grabbed my attention due to other things that are more important at the moment. 

I don't do schedules well.  I like the word Routine.  It gives me just enough structure to know what needs to happen in a day without the stress of staring at a clock.  But what I have found my Routine is lacking in doing this study is that I don't actually allow time for Rest.  No wonder I'm a raving lunatic by the end of the day!  No wonder I feel so frustrated that I never have time to get to the fun things, the downtime things, the relaxing things.  I need more balance.  And so do my kids.  Well, they need a more balanced mom.

Part of being balanced for me is also not just about time and accomplishing things, but feeling settled too.  My dear hubby knows this all too well.  So he convinced me to bring up all of my packed-up crafty goodness from the basement and make a space in a room that we did not currently use
 (as we have not painted it or bought furniture for it).   
I also do not feel settled unless my family is taken care of and are all heart-happy. 

I have much farther to go on my Pursuit of Balance, but I have achieved a new perspective.  And I need to spend more time reading His Word because I believe that's where all the answers are that will remind me of what I really need to be focusing on and what I really need to be doing.  And that includes Rest

Wishing all of you a very productive, yet restful day.

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