Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparing A Christmas Home

Hello again!  Thanks for checking in on us.  Here at the Hearthroom we are slowly and joyfully preparing our home for Christmas.  As you know, I have to try to make our home feel special for the season.  It's still an on-going process with a pile of Christmas lights in the floor by the back door and crochet garland still nesting inside my yarn basket. 

It seems our days are a flurry of activity.  No matter how I try to prepare it seems that we are constantly moving and doing.  Schoolwork, housework, still more leaves to rake and lots of busy-hands activities and play time - all make the days pass in a blink.  Add in the wonderful things we do that hold so much meaning for us here at Christmas and I have to find ways to slow it all down and be more mindful.

We are checking lists of things to give, things to make and things to bake.  We are still stringing lights and adding touches here and there.  And we are still making Christmas tree ornaments.  That came about kind of last minute when Young Man wanted to choose how to decorate the tree this year.  Since we really felt the need to limit glass ornaments this year, we let him choose a huge bin of shatter proof blue balls of various sizes.  He also chose blue lights.  This is almost painful for me, as I love traditional colors and themed trees, such as nature with birds, or victorian with lots of pearl.  But I'm so happy that he wants to be involved in the choosing and planning that all my blue-light-phobia went out the window.  I did beg that we could add a smattering of green and pink and have a rather modern looking tree.  He went for it.  Then it seemed necessary somehow to use Stash On Hand to make some small crocheted ornaments, just for fun you know...

And it's such a happy thing to see little hands trying to manipulate the hook.  Sweet P. really enjoys going through the yarn bin.  Of course, there are some yarns that  I keep more protected, but what could be better for a future crocheter than to start feeling scrummy yarn now?

And then, do I even need to tell you how my heart skipped a beat, how I leapt for joy when Young Man himself said, "Hey, show me how you do that."  It's just such a good feeling to look at these little ornaments on the (very blue) tree and know that the young hands helped (or at least tried).

I will come back to share some glimpses of what we accomplish here in the Spirit of Christmas. 

In the mean time, I wanted to share this little shot with you.  We very much enjoy all things outside here and one of our favorite outdoor activities is Geocaching.  Are you a cache seeker, too?  We love heading out to hunt and find goodies hidden all over the great outdoors.  If you are a cacher, you know what I'm saying.  So check out this picture...  Can you see it?  It's right there!  We were on a hunt for a micro cache and we were fairly determined to find it.  Can you spot it? 

 Do you give up?

Are you sure?  I know you must not be one for hints...

Ok, here it is:

  It's great fun to try these tiny challenges, but of course the little people enjoy finding boxes full of swag.  Regardless, it's a great time to spend together wandering in the woods or even learning new towns.  If you've never tried it, you really should.

So in an attempt to make my days less of a blur I will go now.
So many things compete for my time, but I truly want to just enjoy my kids and the time of year. 
That means I have to make the most of every minute. 
Did I mention I have to shop for a vacuum?  Isn't this the perfect time for the vacuum to give up?
Just after we brought a live tree into the house...
I hope your days are clear and purposeful. 
I hope you are very happy where you are.
I hope to meet you back here to share some of the things that mean Christmas to us.

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  1. Oh too funny. Guess what happened at our house yesterday? The Vacuum QUIT!
    Love the fabulous crocheted ornaments and so inspired to see your son crocheting!!!


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