Saturday, October 6, 2012

Farm Days

It has been a very farm-y few days for us.
Yesterday we made a few new furry friends.

And we saw some beautiful places. 
This is The  Frontier Culture Museum, which I've posted about before.

Today we made some new feathered friends.

And got to see where our milk comes from at one of the local dairy farms.

It's good to see successful farming in practice and it's good to know we can buy healthy food made locally.  It was especially good to see healthy, happy cows at the Homestead Creamery's Farm Day. 
We ate fresh ice cream and were completely convinced that it is time for Young Man to have his own chickens.  And I want a cow.  I love ALL cows, always have, but today I fell in love with a Swiss Brown.  And if the nice farmer knows what he's talking about, (and somehow I'm sure he does), he says that the awesome, rich ice cream we eat is made with the cream from a couple of Swiss Browns named Phyllis and Connie.  They were beautiful.  I know we need to make sure that creamy stuff is only a once-in-a-while treat, but man, oh, man...  Is that stuff good!
Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of the lovely lady shown above, but she was sweet, too.
They had some little calves out that we kids could pet and hug.  It's surprising how rough their little tongues are and equally surprising how beautifully, shiny, white their little teeth are!
Now if only I could have cows for pets.  And sheep.  Can't forget the sheep and Young Man's chickens.
I think we need to stay home tomorrow.

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