Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Little Apron

I mentioned that I made up a little something on a whim Friday afternoon.  Sweet P. received a play kitchen as a Christmas gift and LOTS of pretend food.  So it just occured to me that she needed a little apron.  I had a sweet, colorful image pop into my head that started with lots of red and dashes of various other colors.  But somehow I think the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday got in there and it began to be very red and white and pink....  So I went with it. 

Can't you picture some Valentine's Day baking being done in this little cutie?  It's also very Lucille Ball-ish, isn't it?  Truly I was trying to use up some old acrylic stash yarn and these were the colors I grabbed to start with and then as it took the form of a Valentine, I just went with that.  I hope Sweet P. will wear it and play kitchen with me.  But you know what?  I think she hates it!  She only let me put it on her once and that did NOT last long.  Well, it's too small for me so I hope she comes to like it soon.

So on to the next project!  See you soon!

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