Saturday, January 14, 2012

Close Call

We are feeling Very VERY Very thankful here in the Hearthroom this weekend and I just want to share my little story to inspire all of you to follow your gut, your nose, or whatever else lets you know that something is just not right.

Thursday night here Sweet P. woke screaming at 11:30.  When I stepped out of bed I could smell the very toxic smell of  plastic burning...  I scooped Sweet P. up and put her in my bed with Hubby while I went to find the source of the smell.  I had had a ceramic heater on earlier, so that was the obvious suspect.  I checked it out and unplugged it thinking it must have had something to do with the smell.  Hubby got up and checked it out but everything seemed fine.

But I could not rest until I found the source of the smell.  I returned to Sweet P's room and began checking EVERYTHING. 
 Lamps, baby monitor, toys...  Feeling walls and light switches.  Then as I stood there looking at her crib I realized there was an outlet just behind it.  I pulled her crib away from the wall to find that outlet burning hot.

The plasltic safety plugs were melting inside the outlet.  The outlet itself was beginning to turn yellow from the heat and the wall was hot.  And to think my baby's bed was up against that wall. 
We turned off the power to the room and had a wonderful electrician pay us a visit the next day, (Thank you, Laura!),  and now all is well here at the Hearthroom.  But I just can't tell you enough how THANKFUL I am.  I am so thankful for God's protection, that I couldn't rest, that Sweet P. woke up.

So just be mindful if you feel something isn't right or if you think you smell something burning. 
Don't let it go until you feel certain you've found the source. 

As one friend put it, "I think you've averted tragedy."

Ok, there's my message to you all! Now on to less dramatic things like yarn...

This Ripple, I'm telling you... it almost didn't make it.

At some point when I picked it back up after all the Christmas goings-on, I realized I had a mistake in a previous row.  Gulp!  Well I'll just have to see how I can accommodate for it in the next row so it all works out very Ripply like it should.  Right?

As Young Man was watching me struggle with this particular problem, he said, "Mom, you're gonna have to rip it out."  Well after all the air was sucked out of the room I said I was not going to rip it all out!  I had made progress!   But the more I looked at it (my cover-up wasn't going well) I really REALLY did NOT like the colors I had put together or the way I had done it at all and I actually decided right then and there to bag the WHOLE idea.

So at next opportunity I began ripping it out.  But a funny think happend right after I ripped out the row with the error and the rows of color combos I did not like, I began to feel very sorry to lose the whole thing.  I mean, I really wanted to do this Ripple thing.  So I stopped ripping. 

Sweet P. and I went to the yarn box and began sorting colors and trying 2 and 3 together to see how they felt until we came up with something I thought would work.  I actually labeled all my yarn labels a, b, c, etc... and started adding rows.  I think it's actually ok this time.  Even though I feel like I'm back at the beginning.

What do you think?

As I said before, I am on a Color Journey with this project.  Breaking out into the wide world of color which I so rarely attempt.  But I'm learning something about myself here in this process.  So here it is...  I do love color.  And I'm sure I will continue struggling and putting more colorful projects together, BUT:

I am a color-scheme kinda girl, I think.  You know what I mean?  Like making a project with a controlled amount of color to match a room or to give a certain look...

Anyway, I am happier with my Ripple.  I'm sooooo happy I didn't bag the whole idea.  And I still have so many projects lined up to get to that I'm bursting at the seams!  I am trying to stay focused on my newly loved Ripple and that Curli-Q flowery scarf I showed you earlier.

I did make a little something yesterday on a whim that I'll be back to share really soon.  

So be safe, check out all the smells you smell, squeeze your yarn and hook up something great! 

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