Monday, August 20, 2012

Ripple Update...

Well, it's been a while since the Ripple has made an appearance here.  So, here it is in all it's stringy glory!  Although I haven't actually measured it yet, it's getting really long.....

I decided to make it nice and wide to cover our bed.  The sheer width somewhat terrified me there for a while, as it took me sooooo long to complete a row.  I actually considered this blankie just may have to have vertical stripes so I could make it more narrow and end up with something the size of a throw.  Ahh, laughing at myself now.  I'm so impatient.  Of course, I spurred myself on to continue and a make a nice big blankie.  I will measure it when I'm all done and let you know the size. 

In the mean time, I've gotten used to my 'sea' of colors and I truly think the unbelievable softness of the yarn is what inspired me to keep on with this.  When it's done, it will be large enough to put on our bed, but I don't think it will ever make it there.  Too many people are trying to claim it already.  I bet it's going to be one of those that gets cuddled up on the couch. 

I've got a few more rows to do yet, but the best part....  Do you know what the BEST part is???!!  I have been working on a Secret Edging...!  I am so totally stoked about that, if only I don't mess it up!

Can't wait to share!  Right now the Hearth Room is quiet and I have a hot cup of tea calling my name.  It's sitting right beside my Secret Edging.


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