Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We've been out-and-about a bit lately, finishing up summer.  I'm thankful we are not having sweltering heat and dry, brown grass...   I love that things are still looking lush and green.  The flowers in the garden are blooming like crazy!  I've really enjoyed bringing them inside,( after careful inspection for shiny, black spiders, of course).  It seems that summer has flown by.  We've tried to incorporate some fun and relaxation into our random summer schedule, but somehow it just seems we've been busier than ever.  We've tried to take the kids on a few summer getaway type outings, but it honestly felt like everything cost too much and it was more work than rest.  Everyone ended up more tired than refreshed.   I'm so glad to be home.

I still have more squash than I know what to do with, so it's being hidden in peach muffins and everywhere else I can think to stash it!  I have pulled some of the plants out that were really wilted and looking done.  It was a happy celebration, actually.  I mean, I do love the whole Garden Growing thing and am Very grateful to have Garden Success, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  Those gorgeous squash plants took over a huge space and it's nice to clean up that area somewhat now. 

Looking forward to fall is similar to going into spring for me.  It's another time of clean up and renewal.  Time to prepare for cooler months ahead. Cleaning up the yard, preparing for a warmer house, and stocking the bookshelves for the school year ahead.  Boy, we have a lot going on! 

I'm looking into some new insulating type curtains for the Hearth Room, but something that still allows light in.  It's time to crochet more valances (that actually become valances!) and I really need to work on some pillow covers.  I have a lot of ideas and not as much time!  I do happen to have some pictures of what happened to all that blue yarn to show you!  Oh, and I've been working on that Ripple like crazy!  It's grown so much and I truly think I'm loving it now.  Not that I'd do the same wild color thing again.  You know, I need more structure and control, lol... 

So I have some updates to share and will be back real soon with those. 

Happy day to you!

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