Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting Back on Track












 After some much needed down time over Christmas break , we are trying to get back to a routine.  Christmas is such a beautiful time and I always look forward to every minute of it.  This year I was determined to not over-do things and run myself ragged.  But here's the thing:   Apparently I was ragged before I realized it.  I feel like I did a nose-dive on Christmas Day and am just now recovering.  Not kidding.  I didn't do tons of baking or write out an extensive menu.  I didn't plan elaborate gifts to be made for neighbors and Hubby's colleagues.  I kept it simple.  I was proud of myself.  We didn't even travel to see family.  That's not to say I didn't do any baking or gift making, because you know that I did.  But I think there have been a number of contributing factors leading up to my nose-dive.  I can assure you that I am taking my vitamins, watching everything I eat and am trying to get more sleep.  I'm also trying to be sure I work in a few minutes of quiet time to read or journal about things that are important to me. 
I'm not much of a resolutions kind of girl.  I believe in making changes as I go through life, no matter what day it is.  With that said, there is something about the first day of the year that makes a perfect jumping off point.  So I do have a number of things I want to remain mindful about as this new year proceeds.  I want to enjoy my kids every day, try to live a little more true to who I am, to keep journaling, continue to be as creative as possible, and keep taking care of our health to mention a few.
So as the afternoon sun casts wintry shadows across the Hearth Room, we listen to our music assignment while we do our artwork and study great white sharks.  What is it about boys and dangerous animals?  Never mind,  I know the answer to that question.  We have piles of good books waiting for our attention and a basket of yarn teasing me across the room as I ponder what changes I want to make to our routines.   And I really need to buy some curtains, but that means I have to commit to a paint color first!  Decisions, decisions. 
I look  back over the last couple of weeks and remember the sweet moments of little hands and ribbon, squeals of delight, requests for just-one-more-cookie, handmade ornaments, (yep, I've been to Hopscotch Lane),  kitties playing in boxes, and icy, sugar coated mornings to explore outdoors.  It was all so good, even if I felt bad. 
So Happy 2013 to you!  I wish for a year full of hope with dreams in our hearts.  I wish for good health and happy times and so much creative inspiration we all burst with joy!


  1. Hi Christina, thanks for visiting my blog. I so relate to the first paragraphs of this post, feel like you've been reading my journal! Lovely to meet another home schooler too! rochelle

    1. Hey, Rochelle! Welcome to the Hearth Room! I love your blog!


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