Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Teasers

Hello all.  I hope the weekend has treated you well.  It's been a very busy indoorsy kind of weekend here.  I did step outdoors a bit to check on some little greenies that have poked through the mulch.  Let me tell you, it was so very windy!  It just was not pleasant at all, but as this is our first spring here on the Hillside I had to be very nosey and go out to see what is popping up out there in the very unkempt, unruly-with-no-design flower beds... 

This old home has had a history that has left it craving some attention.  Someone in it's past loved plants, trees and shrubs of all sorts, but things were planted quite randomly and then it appears that no one cared for them at all.  We will be showering lots of LOVE on this property in the coming months (and probably years). 

See these little greenies?  They just desperately want to raise their little heads to the sun, but with that big rock in the way...  they need some help.  I plan to go back around and take more photos to share with you as these little beauties open and show their pretty little faces.  Then we will know who they are and where to replant them for future beautification.

I will leave you with this very cold and windy view from the Hearthroom, but also with thoughts of warmer things to come.  I have completed my young man's giant granny square afgan and am working on the girly version of such.  Hope to share soon!   Now to go check on my very-smelling-good vegetable soup...

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  1. Welcome to blogger! =) I wonder if those flowers might be daffodils?

    Also, I had no idea that you crochet... I do too! I made Alex a big afghan when he was little, but I have yet to do anything for Katie yet. Be sure to post pics for inspiration!


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