Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giant Granny Square Completion

I promised I would share these new giant granny square blankies I made.  It all started when my little man asked me to crochet him something new.  Can you belive it?!  My little man asked me to crochet for him!  Yippee for me!  Off to the yarn store we went to pick out guy-ish colors for this blankie pattern I had seen on http://www.lionbrand.com/.  The pattern that caught my eye was called 'pansy patch throw'.

 So he tossed his colors in the cart and I was all set to begin.  One problem though...

I was so not inspired by his colors choices.  Do you ever have that problem?  I mean, I love, love, LOVE to play with yarn, but it usually is something that speaks to me, sings to my heart!  Not so much this time.  Anyway, it is for my special guy, at his request, so on with the hookin' I went. 

He truly loves it.  I think I must have asked him on three different occasions if he really liked those colors?  Are you sure you want this blanket?  Yes, Yes, Yes, he would say.  And so here it is and he does love it and he went straight to put it on his bed all by himself.  Ahh...  What a guy.

So then I had left over yarn...  (giggle - giggle).  It was the purple color and some white.  I happened to have a bit of pink in the same yarn type left over from another project...  hmmm...  I'm thinking this same blanket in girlie colors in a smaller size for my little sweet girl.  Yes, that did sound good.  I just needed some contrasting color, so off to the yarn store I went and found a great green for the border.

The original pattern was for a 'throw' size and I made it quite large for a big little man to get properly cuddled up in.  So for my sweet girl I made it much smaller.  And I found that it does quite resemble a pansy with the green trim, although I didn't actually use the above mentioned pattern.

For my next trick I will be trying to find some patterns to help use up some yarn stash.  So for now, consider yourself all cuddled up in a gaint granny blankie! xo

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