Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Beauty of Williamsburg

A visit with history and spring gardens:

Sunshine and rain and interesting trees,

Making new friends,

Dreaming of little cottage life,

Marveling at beautiful iron fences,

(and the fact that some of these homes are actually private residences - right in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg!),

Visiting cute shops and galleries,

Being amazed at the height of these flowers,

Still in amazement, as some are about as tall as a person,

Realizing that I really have a thing for chimneys and roof tops,

And fresh peach pie from the farmers' market that just happened to be taking place while there,

Moss covered roofs,


Elements coming together beautifully,

Loving weather vanes,

Wondering just how close this little fella was willing to get to us, (frightening close, actually, and that's coming from me - lover of almost all critters),

Realizing that I cannot have a ladder on top of our roof because my little people would reside up there,

Visiting Williamsburg Lodge and remembering how very much I love this simple yet beautiful style,

Thinking I really should incorporate some of this in at least one area of home,

Falling in love all over again with the colors and the needlepoint seen regularly in this decor,

Enjoying the folk art,

Finding butterflies in the carpet,

And finding little treasures like this tea that enabled us to bring a bit of our trip home with us.

Thanks for sharing our visit with us.


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