Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Run in Roanoke

Hello, hello!  See this cute little pup?  I don't even know who it is really, but he (or she) was so cute peering out the door at us while we were downtown in Roanoke recently, that I had to share.  Hi, Puppy!

Do you remember that we started running with Young Man?  Well, he has done well.  We actually cut back on the 'training' as he was running in home school gym class and then with his soccer team.  It's all just for fun and to encourage health and fitness and maybe some goal setting.  Did I mention fun?    So the Kids Marathon took place one gorgeous morning downtown.  It was so nice, surprisingly quiet, well, not including the music and dancing cows and all the quite excited folks about to run, mind you....  But as Sweet P. and I walked the course ahead of the runners it was very peaceful and there are lots of very pretty little places tucked in and around Roanoke.

I truly loved the giant sized Monopoly pieces in this shop window.  I couldn't find a name for the shop but it looked very interesting.  Don't you think?  The above Puppy was residing just next door to this window.  I will have to go back and visit again when this space is open and see what it's all about.

I loved the bright spring green of the trees poking out in unexpected city-type spaces.

The sun was in total cooperation on this particular morning.  Just perfect!

Who knew there was this sweet, little, teeny, tiny park with child swings?  Sweet P. had a great time while waiting for the runners to begin. 

More spring view. 

This was our view near the finish line.  This is the Hotel Roanoke, which is absolutely beautiful.  I really need to put that on my list of things to do....  Places to go....  Soup to eat!  From what I hear, it has a lot to offer. 

The race was lots of fun for the kids and Roanoke is really great about closing off some streets so other fun things can take place downtown.  It's really a great feeling to be able to wander the streets and enjoy all that this area has to offer.  Even just to take in the sights of the farmers' market.  It's very family friendly and we always enjoy our visits here.

So here is The Runner after the race.  His shirt says it all, right?  And then to get to climb the rock wall?  Wow.  How much fun can a kid have?!

Well, that really was a silly question, wasn't it?

So since then, we've had lots of this.  Rain, rain, rain...

We totally enjoy the rain here at the Hearth Room.  My kitchen floor stays a mess and I long for a 'mud' room, lol.  But that's ok.  We get out and play in the rain when we can and know all the while that our seeds and weeds are growing strong.

We've had some nice berries come on, too, but we can't seem to fill a basket!

Busy, happy kids.  Big, red berries.  Loads of rain. 

It's all good.


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