Monday, March 25, 2013

Cherry Blossom Scarf

Happy Monday!
I have to say that this scarf came about because I was thinking we were all done with winter here.  I was eager to finally pack away the hats and gloves and all the big boots and snow pants.  I had finally given up on winter weather and was actually looking forward to the shiny days of spring.  In fact, we went to the St. Patty's Day Parade last week and it was quite warmer than expected!  Like, peeling-off-layers warm, almost 70 degrees!  Well, I was moving on, changing seasons...  Came home and took the feather bed off the bed, tucked away clean heating blankets for next year, and started decorating for Easter.
Then, don't you know, it decided to be frigid at night again.  Two days after removing the feather bed, it was put right back on.  Extra blankets were brought out and more fires built in the box.  Yep, spring came on the calender, but it didn't show up outside.  So, I felt the need for a much springier-feeling scarf to protect me from the persistent cold.  I did NOT want to pull out those bulky, wintry, thick scarves that I so associate with ice, boots and hot chocolate.  No, I need to be warm and still feel like I'm moving forward. 
So, images of sweet flowers came to mind.  Cherry blossoms in particular seemed to sing S-P-R-I-N-G to me!  With image-in-head, I began to rifle through the yarn stash and reflected on past patterns I've used and pulled it all together in this very happy, springy, cherry blossom scarf. 
And just in time, I might add...  If you note the end pictures there with me in my new scarf...  There are a gazillion little flakes swirling about my head and quickly accumulating around my feet.  Just look at the little Easter eggs and baskets on our Easter tree, all piled up with the white stuff. 
It is beautiful out there.  Still snowing this morning.  We ended up with about 6 inches of gorgeous snow, although we were not expecting it.  Yep, snow pants are out again.  The kitchen floor is full of soggy boots and mittens.  So I guess I'll be giving in to the kiddos and will whip up some hot chocolate today, too.  And then I'll sit down and look through all those spring patterns and decide on what comes next.  Well, after school, of course... 
Maybe I'll be back with a Cherry Blossom Scarf pattern, too. 
Happy winter spring to you! 

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