Sunday, March 31, 2013

Granny's Easter Basket


I've spent the past few weeks getting ready for Easter here.  We've done some simple decorating, but it just hasn't felt like Easter to me...  It must be the weather and the fact that Easter is early this year.  Last week the daffodils were blooming and then this week we had more snow.

In looking back at last year's Easter pictures I saw lots of fresh flowers in my rooms.  There are no forsythia blooms yet, nor lilac.  Even the hyacinths are slow in creeping out of the safety of their green cases.  I didn't realize how much I would miss having the flowers at Easter. 

I was nearly in tears yesterday over it being Easter and missing my grandparents, but it also struck me that I was missing the beautiful hyacinths that my very handsome grandfather would buy for all of the women in the family every year at this time. Misty eyes because I miss him, as well as the fact that I know he knows it's time to buy flowers, but he can't.  Some things just get too hard to do as the years tick on.   But I'm thankful for all the years he has been able and how that established such tradition for me. 

So my attention has turned to some of my other favorite things that I always unpack and sit about for this holiday.  One favorite thing is this great little Easter basket that my grandmother made for me years ago. 

This is actually a cheap, plastic basket that you used to be able to buy for a dollar in the old Woolworth type stores.  I believe the fabric she used was actually one of my childhood dresses.  She amazingly cut and sewed just right, attached a lace trim, and then stuffed the fabric with some sort of fiber fill or batting and made this simple, beautiful, wonderful basket which I have cherished for years. 

I don't remember exactly when she gave it to me, but I'm so glad she did.  I hope it lasts and lasts and that I have many more years to admire it.

I adore handmade, especially gifts that can go through life with you and become tradition.  Just like the people who made them. 

Happy Easter to you, and hopefully, Happy Easter Memories to you, too.



  1. Hi Christina. How lucky you've been to have such wonderful grandparents in your life. I love your basket and love the idea of your Grandfather giving all his ladies hyacinths. I may have to pinch that idea from him and do that for my daughter each year. Thank you so much for your kindness Christina. My bloggy pals have given me tears of gratitude over the past couple of days xxx

  2. lovely basket and lovely garden, one of my favourite flowers.


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