Friday, July 12, 2013

The Summer Scene at the Hearth Room



Birds and blooms, playtime and puzzles, swimming and summer food eaten outdoors are some of my favorite things. 
Just add some evening patio crochet and I'm all set. 
Since I did not take the time to plant seeds this spring, I'm thrilled that the birds helped out with the sunflowers and zinnias that are popping up all over!
The kids are really enjoying some reading and puzzle time outside, too.  There is something special about the warm, summer nights.  I think we feel like we're getting away with something by staying up past our bedtimes while it's still light outside!
Woody is getting loads of exercise and is showing off his handsome lack of aging.
Everyone gets to have their favorite pancakes on slow weekend mornings.  Peach and strawberry pancakes topped with confectioners sugar and chocolate filled crepes (ok, they're only once in a GREAT while...). 
Grilled chicken atop healthy greens and roasted sweet potato fries.  Yum.
Seriously, peel and cut up those sweet potatoes.  Toss them with olive oil and garlic, sea salt, or whatever grabs you.  Roast them for 30 or 40 minutes.  Instant happiness.
Summery, beachy colored yarn taking on the shape of a triangle for a new blanket. 
I'm hooked.

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