Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landscape Changes

The Hearth Room was surrounded by severely overgrown vegetation, which was mostly removed during the first year here.

Time was spent putting in a 1st year garden, (ugh)... and planting some little pots of color here and there. 

But actual landscaping took a little longer than I had planned.  If you know me, you know  I'm kind of an all or nothin' kind of girl.  I like to do things BIG and do them well.  So as Sweet P. was small and her primary goal in life was to be attached to me, I didn't worry so much about my barren landscape.  I complained about it.  I groaned about it.  I sighed a lot and found that sitting on any patio around this house was a great source of agony for my normally engaging, eager-to-achieve brain. 
So this summer I am learning to be patient and much kinder to myself and decided to take some baby steps and get in there and do it, (hopefully well...), even if it's not BIG.  Since Sweet P. is no longer permanently attached, but instead runs ahead most of the time, I figured here's my chance.  And hey, with Young Man being almost the same size as me I realized I may just have a Planting Partner, too.  And I did. 
A couple before and afters:

Still waiting on fairies to move in. 



Even the blue milk crate looks so much better with all the landscaping!  I'm telling you, deep down, anything functional that stands out like that milk crate does makes me crazy like a cat with a clothespin on it's tail.  But unless I want to have to remember to move it every week in time for the milk man's visit, it will remain outstanding in it's own way. 
This pretty phlox is a nice splash of color, but it's located in another area that I haven't taken pictures of yet, so maybe more to come.  I certainly don't have lush, mature, colorful flower beds yet, but I am enjoying the freshness of the new, cleaner look.  I especially like the softness provided by those left over pavers I repurposed.  

All in a day's work, with a little elbow grease, some good mud boots, and a bit of help. 
Thanks, kids.


 Now let's get back to some serious play while I ponder what's next.

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