Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tidying Up the Tea Cupboard

Hi.  Happy Weekend!  I've been spending a bit of time reorganizing and tidying up a bit around here.  I have a very special friend coming for the weekend and I'm soooo excited!  A bit of catch up time, some fun girl time and even some planning-for-future-stuff time!

Some friends know you so well and you are so comfortable with them that you don't have to worry about your dustbunnies.  Well, in honor of her coming I wanted to control my dustbunny population, but it's just nice that I didn't have to Worry about it...

But in my preparations for our little visit  I realized I was out of tea.  I love tea and drink it all year long, but it does get special attention when the days get cooler and when my tea drinking friend comes to visit.  Now, the last time she was here and asked for a cup of tea I said, oh no, I think I'm out of tea!  But when she went to the cupboard she found about five boxes.  This time, I was OUT of tea!  Now I do occasionally like to order tea from wonderful places like Murchies but no time for that now.  Just some nice herbals from the supermarket will do for now.  I do love Murchies because I was introduced to them on a trip to see Hubby's family and they have a wonderful selection of everything!

But today I just want to show you a couple of favorites.  My new FAVORITE, favorite is this Bengal Spice.  Wow.  I've had nice spicy teas, but this one takes the cake!  It is so warm and richly spiced and to my surprise soooo naturally sweet!  I had to go check the box and see if they put something else in there, but no.  Just spicy goodness and 0 carbs! 

The True Blueberry is an old fav, but one that my dear friend really enjoyed on her last viisit, so must keep that on hand.  And then I had to clean out and reorganize the tea cupboard.  She will laugh, but I like tidy places and baskets to hold everything.

Besides, when the weather is dumping buckets and splashes all over, what's better to do that fix up, pretty up and rearrage the tea cupboard?

One last funny thought.  We are such creatures of habit aren't we?  I just have to share that I've been wanting to find a new laundry detergent that really cleans and really smells fresh.  One that I love using and smelling when I make the bed or put our clothes away.  So I stood in the grocery store staring and reading and wondering and pricing and picked out a 'new' one to try.  Do you know when I got home and put it on top of the washer it sat right beside a bottle of the very same stuff?!  How funny.  I'm still looking for a new one to try.  Lol!

 Have a truly wonderful weekend folks and let me know what smelling, good working detergent to try next.  Obviously, I can't figure it out on my own! 

xoxo, Chris

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