Monday, September 19, 2011

July Just a Memory

Moment of truth:  I actually wrote up a lovely post for July and with baby-happenings, etc., I walked away from the computer and when I returned it was GONE!  So I'm just now getting around to doing it again. 

So, some sweet summer memories:  Returning home from visiting family and finding lucious, fat, sweet, juicy berries ready for picking and Yum!

We enjoyed very small harvests every day.  It seems morning and night there were more sweet berries ready for our enjoyment.  It was so fun after dinner each day to walk out and pick our desert.  The kids loved it - almost as much as I did!
I thought how next year I need to make easier access to the vines and hopefully can figure out the best way to harvest so I can attempt some homemade jam or some other juicy goodness from these little gems.  As it was, that side of our yard is still overgrown and getting close enough to pick took some stretching and careful placement of feet.  Then wondering 'who' you may be stepping on...  Must bush whack the fence line and make it easier and less scary for next year!

I did attempt to fill our little basket, but as you can see, the more we picked the emptier our basket became!  That's all good with me.  It was so sweet to see Sweet P enjoy this special treat.

This is one little corner of our yard that I tried to add a bit of color this summer.  Our Young Man built  this little bird house (yay!).  It was one of those moments when I really didn't want to put it outside in the elements to weather because I wanted to cherish it.  His first attempt at really building something with his own 2 hands.  Sigh...  but each time he spotted his birdhouse in the bay window he would ask, "Mom, when are you going to hang my birdhouse up?"  So I am learning to cherish the moments and experiences and capture the memories for later.  It's so much more important to see his creations be useful and appreciated for what they were intended.  Tough job this Mom-Stuff. 

Our days were full and busy all summer long here, but we did enjoy our walks through the garden.  Even the pets really loved spending time in the garden.  The fresh, soft dirt and hiding in the corn and beans were very exciting to little kitties who sometimes need to feel like lions. 

I also enjoyed saving the memories of the new blossoms and pods and enjoying the beauty up close.  The smell of this dill was fabulous!  I'm now drying the seeds so Hubby has some seasoning stashed away for his grilling needs.  Love it when Hubby grills!

One of my favorite things from July was making good old corn fritters just like Grandma taught me to, especially with the fresh corn from our garden.  Nothing better.  She always showed me to scrap the 'milk' off the cob and add just enough milk, flour, egg and seasoning.  Fried in a bit of bacon grease makes them so delish!  I know it's not an everyday thing, but they are so good.  It's one of those things that takes me back to childhood, to simpler times, good, sit down and chat with my mom and grandparents and laugh moments.  They always have a special place in my heart.  If only my mom and grandparents were sitting in my kitchen to enjoy these with me.  Maybe next year.

It's crazy that July is just a memory now.  I need to look through my pictures and try to remember what August was all about.  As the weather has changed I've had several little projects being hooked along.  Let me see what I can share... 

Chat soon, xo!

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