Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Bluebirds

It's been soooo much fun watching these babies grow!  I have truly loved every minute of it.  I consider it a very special gift to be able to enjoy the wildlife up close.  I've especially been watching these past few days, as these little babies have been showing loads of interest in what's outside of their little home.  They have seemed very eager to explore, competing for space to pop their little heads out to look around.

But Mama and Daddy Blue have continued to feed them and clean up their little messes.  Since that terrible Derecho (wind storm) we had, I told Hubby I was naming the babies Derec, Windy and Bluster.  He just laughed.  Naming the wildlife...  Yeah.  But if you could have seen how this little box was swinging in the storm with Mama inside on her nest of eggs...  Amazing they survived unscrambled.

Mama Blue actually sat nearby and called and called to them yesterday and I think (in the only Human way that I can) that she was trying to persuade them to fledge. I wanted to witness this sooo badly! Camera at the ready!

But I think Mama Blue was just plain tired of me.  She was tired of sitting around with a fresh lunch in her mouth, wondering if it was safe to visit her young with me sitting foolishly by.  So I gave in and let them be last night.  This morning I watched with joy as she fed them breakfast and made a mental note to keep track of Baby Activity.  Then I got really busy cleaning the floors and ended up cleaning Young Man's room.  It was in desperate need of rearranging and a purge to the basement of excess Lego's.  And do you know what?  Hubby came home and said to me, "Have you checked the box today?" 

Noooooo!   It can't be!


The box is empty.  I checked all around and it seems no babies are on the ground and no Mama or Daddy Blue came and fussed at me, so it looks like they all made it to wherever Mama took them.  I will really miss watching them.  I hope we get another brood.  I really wasn't that invasive watching from the window.  I'm a little sad they're gone, but also very glad.  Now I can finally let my 'indoor' cats go 'outside' to plant their onions, so to speak.  They never stay out longer than that, really, but I couldn't take that chance while I was encouraging birdies to stay. 

Bye-bye Bluebirds.  You have a beautiful family!
Clearly, Mama Bluebird is a lot smarter than I am when it comes to moving her babies.

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  1. They do move on fast. I did that with a meadowlark's nest one year - watched it and watched and missed the hatching.


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