Monday, July 23, 2012

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Sunflowers

Happy Monday, folks!  We've certainly had our share of thunder and rain lately.  I love it!  I truly do.  The kids love it, too, and I think that's just great.  It's true that we cannot play outside and do lots of outdoorsy kinds of things when there's boomin' going on out there, but we manage to fill our time nicely.  Books, yarn, cooking... Oh, and one of our favorite Rainy Day movies, Coraline.  It's all good with us.  Besides, with beauties like these flowers brightening up the Hearth Room (that came from our garden!!!) I am ecstatic whatever the weather!

So I've got a few cabbages quartered and cooking to freeze for wintertime soups.  I've got so much squash lined up on the kitchen counter to blanch for freezing that I think I'll be busy all night.  My sweet neighbor called a while ago to ask if I needed any squash or cucumbers!  Ha!  I told her I'm pushing those very things on anyone who walks in my door, lol.  I was hoping to get a zucchini out of her, but her plants died.  Phooey. 

With Sweet P. napping and Young Man playing a fierce game of 'fencing' on Wii (another reason he's all good with the rainy day thing), I will be making something nice out of a huge pile of blue yarn for a crafty swap I'm in.  Maybe I'll put in 27 Dresses for the 8th time and see if I can actually finish it. 

Better get going...  Naps don't last as long as they used to and I have a feeling I'll be needing to defend my pitiful Wii record soon.  I'll show you what happens to the pile of blue yarn later!

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