Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank You for You!

I thought these bright, sunshine-y faces were perfect for celebrating YOU dear ifriends.

It seems recently there have been a number of things that have been hard emotionally.  Family and friends are a tremendous blessing, but those relationships can also hurt the most because they are the closest to you.  And then there are the acquaintances, you know...  The folks you're really not close to, but end up in close proximity with. 

 I could say I've been learning a lot about myself recently, but in truth, it's not that I've learned anything new, but how much I have confirmed about myself.  Yep, even at this 'I-ought-to-know-better-age' of 40-something, the things that I have always found to be hurtful and have gone through life self-protecting from haven't changed. 

I must say that I have a few dear friends that I treasure and I look forward to taking on with me through life's adventures.  You know who you are!   I have known you for years now through work and play and even through our internet connections.  Yep, I said it:  Internet.  I have met some of the most genuine and caring friends online.  Also, some of my internet 'acquaintances' have been so very kind and supportive and these are folks I really don't 'know' at all. 

I really, truly appreciate genuine people, courtesy for others, the value of a kind word, the act of taking just a minute to respond to someone you may barely know... Folks who are connected to life deeply enough to recognize that people need community and that the minute you take to smile or just say hi may change someone's day.  I hope I can always include myself in that category.

In contrast, there are people you may see face to face each day that you cannot connect with, some of the most insincere people.  No matter what dose of courtesy you pour out to them, it goes unrecognized or unappreciated.  It's not my intention to dwell on the negative, but to show the contrast between the two.  My Dear Readers and Friends, YOU SHINE! 

Providing common courtesy and reaching out in friendship to those that don't want it has made me tremendously sad recently, (just ask Hubby).  So I will continue on with protecting myself from some situations.  I will continue to look forward to making new genuine friends, both in person and online.  And I will continue to appreciate the kindness I have found in you, my reader friends, the bloggers I visit often, and so many of the creative and inspirational folks whose paths I cross. 

You Rock! 
And you are always welcome to come here and chat and know that I appreciate you.


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