Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Things & Happy Thoughts

Hello again.  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Since the weather has proven that spring is actually here, we have been spending a bit more time outdoors.  Except for all the rain we've gotten, we've had a good deal of time spent running around outside, getting the ground ready for a garden and just plain cleaning up. 

This beauty happened to end up indoors quite by accident after one of our outdoor playing adventures.  We had a wonderful gentleman from a local tree service come by and he told us that this is a Magnolia Tree we have.  A quite nice one apparently.  Anyway, during our young man's outdoor adventure time a sweet little branch got whacked off completely by mistake.  I just did not have the heart to toss this lovely branch aside.  No, no, it had to come in so I could see if it would bloom.  And it did!

Isn't that the greatest thing?  I just love bringing the outdoors in.  At least when it comes to plants and things.  My young man would love  to bring (and occasionally does) some of the frogs, bugs, etc. that he catches.  Last summer we had a lizard of some sort in the kitchen -  that was also a complete accident.  I think!

So lots of lovely, colorful faces are sprouting all around the yard and we make trips around the house each day, rain or shine, to take peeks and rescue any blossoms that have hit the ground so they can be repurposed in a vase indoors, of course.

Such as these.  The daffies had gotten knocked down and then I just couldn't resist taking a couple snips of the forsythia bush to put with the daffies.  They made the kitchen look so bright and cheerful!  A few little flowers from the yard can change a whole room.  I highly recommend it.  Go on out and find a little bloom or two of your own and just clip it and bring it in.  You will smile and be glad you did it!

I have been reminiscing about some of my favorite crocheted things that I've made in the past and I have some pictures together to show you, but I'll save that for the next post.  Then maybe a look at a little project I just completed and a work in progress! 

Hugs to all!  Chris

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  1. It's refreshing to see the photos you've posted. We're still in the mud phase at my house. The tips of the perrenial bulbs are just now peeking.


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