Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring's Beauty

Hello!  I could be so ashamed of myself for taking almost a whole month between posts!  But, I knew it would happen.  And it will happen again...

Anywho...  I really do want to share some Beeeautiful pictures of spring with you.  Now they aren't all sunny and warm looking, so don't be taken off-guard.  I happen to be one of those people who really loves a rainy day.  Rain just doesn't usually get me down.  We love weather here at the Bungalow.  We had planned a trip to visit Monticello in Charlottesville, VA and, okay, we did NOT get to play on the grounds and picnic as expected.  But it was so beautiful there nonetheless!

Gardens!  In the rain!  Could that be more perfect?  Since we are so excited about getting our own garden going, we were very happy to walk the rows of Jefferson's.

These lovely little onions looked so healthy with the tiny droplets on them.  I would love to have smelled them, but dared not touch!

I know there is an amazing view from these grounds that we could not see on this particular day, but the fact is it almost forced you to take a closer look and imagine the very people who worked this ground as if they were still present. 

Is it just me or is there just something special about a row of pots?

The cover of the weather just made everything seem so peaceful. 

There is so much to see at  Monticello.  It's time well-spent no matter what the weather.  And hey, it's just what we need to get our gardens growing. 

Spring thoughts to you all!  xo

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