Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Things Easter

Hope you all had a WONderful Easter!  It was a different kind of Easter for us, as we usually get to spend it with family.  This time, however, we spent our Easter weekend at home, just us.  We did partake in All Things Easter, of course.

I always try to decorate our home to reflect the fun and beauty of the season for the little ones.  It may not be much, but even just a little decorating goes a long way with little people.  Hopefully creating memories that will last and last for them.

This little bucket should leave quite an impression since it was knocked over and eggs rolled all about numerous times!  Even the cat had his paws into this little game.  When we came out in the mornings we would find this toppled and eggs everywhere.  Fun for all!

Yes, this would be the cat ...  Now he's trying to 'be the egg...'  Nice hide, Axle.

Do you make Easter Egg Trees for the kids at your house?  My grandmother always decorated her home and she did the neatest things that made the most lasting impressions on me.  One of the things I could always count on was her Easter Tree. 

In all of our Easter preparations we found this perfectly beautiful robin's egg on the ground.  No Easter egg could ever be dyed to match the beauty found in nature itself.  We searched bushes and trees looking for the nest where this egg belonged.  We were not successful, but the Young Man felt better for trying.  He's something of an animal whisperer if you know what I mean....

These are one of our favorite things at Easter time.  They are called Ressurection Eggs.  They can purchased already prepared but we made ours at home.  They help to give meaning to your Easter activities.  Once we've colored our eggs, made a huge mess, cooked a huge meal and overdosed on chocolate - it's good to slow things down a bit and get out these great numbered eggs.  Each egg has a surprise inside that relates to the meaning of Easter. 

Then it's time to get outside and have an egg hunt.  Whether you have a hunt with one child or one hundred, it's always fun and the kids are always happy and springing about to find the next prize.  Certainly, they want to see if there is a quarter inside or a bit of chocolate, but there is something special about that once-a-year hunt.

As far as weather was concerned, it was a spectacular day.    Just absolutely beautiful.  These clouds looked as if you could reach out and touch them.  I couldn't resist sharing them.

And I have to say that when I told you that this Easter was different for us, I really meant it....

Once all fun had been had and dinner was ready to be eaten, we were sitting out on our patio watching kids play when Young Man dropped out of a tree.  Now, if you know us at all you know that Young Man's feet have rarely been on the ground since birth.  That no longer surprises us, we just always make sure he does not climb too high.  On this particular climb, however, he was barely off the ground, hanging from a  low branch.  Just one slip and falling just the right way results in a loud 'whack' of a sound, followed by an alarming moan of pain.  What a way to end a beautiful, almost perfect Easter day. 

The upside:  He got to choose his favorite color for casting, he got to keep his x-ray, he didn't have to write for school work for a few days and now he feels so good I have to keep telling him to stay on the ground!
Thanks for visiting us!  I'll be back shortly with a hopefully done stripey thing!  xo, Chris

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