Friday, July 22, 2011

June Happenings

Oh, the excitement of the very first green shoots coming up in the garden!  It's always the radishes of course, but that's all I need to get motivated.  And it excites the kids and lets them know that they can garden too!

There's just something so beautiful about a garden...  The vibrant colors, the fact that you're growing your own food, even the dirt is gorgeous in a garden.  I love to see the kids playing in the garden and pulling out homegrown goodies with eyes wide in wonder.  It's a beautiful thing!  Until that beautiful garden dirt is all over the kitchen floor, of course.  And with a dog participating in all of our outdoor adventures we end up with quite a mess. 

These are the very first rows of our very early garden.  Putting in a first year garden is quite a challenge.  We decided to make small sections one at a time and add as we went.  If nothing else we have tons of rocks!  I supposed we could make 'rock' soup!

I felt very funny taking a photo of our sandwiches, but I had to.  Honestly, it was our first homegrown onion!  I was surprised at how mild and sweet it was.  Now I wish I knew what kind it was, but given the busy-ness of our spring some of my plans went by the wayside.  Now I'm not sure exactly what we planted.  Not that it really matters.  I just enjoy the fact the this little family managed to put in a little garden and we get to spend time working in it, playing with it and eating what we grow.  I am secretly hoping that the most important thing we are raising with our gardening efforts are Future Gardeners!  I think we are headed in that direction.  Yay!

So after traveling with hubby and then traveling to be with family during some illnesses it was good to come back home.  I generally can't stand things to be a mess, but I found so much comfort in just being back to our home and our things that even the clutter was welcomed.  It also helps that I'm getting used to living in this house that needs lots of TLC.  Since we have a good bit of work to do here we haven't actually spent a lot of time on decorating or beautifying yet.  

And kids need clutter. Their play is their business after all and very much how they learn.  It's been quite a journey for me to accept that I cannot keep things sparkling all the time.  That I always have laundry to do.  That my house does NOT look like a magazine cover.  Ha!  It never will and that's ok.  I've had to learn that the cleaning will wait for me, but my kids are going to grow minute by minute.  And that's more important.  So if you ever stop by the house please don't be surprised if the breakfast dishes are still in the sink or you find a dustbunny or two!   And if you're coming over for pizza night, we'll be having that at the bar in the kitchen.  Our dining room table is way too busy right now.  Very important Lego building is taking place alongside of my attempt at planning next years school year. 

I usually try to decorate this big bay window, but recently it's just where I stop to lay everything down as I walk through the house.  It's a great place for diaper bags, laundry baskets and books.  And the best thing is that I am so consistent that my family now knows where to look for things they have lost!

So June was busy.  It flew by.  We didn't do half of the relaxing, playful, adventurous things we had hoped, but we worked in fun where we could and all is well here.  Hey, it's still summer and there is lots of time to get outside and do the fun stuff.  Except for the fact that we are having a heat wave and we are still fighting this germy cold that made it's way into our house!  

 I hope you all are doing exactly what you had planned for your summer.  I hope you are all being careful in this heat and are keeping cool and safe.  And above all I hope you are happy from the inside out today!  xo

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