Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where does the time go?

I have completely lost a month.  At least a month...  Seems like more now.  We were so excited that the school year was ending and we were looking forward to some fun and down time to relax and just play. 

My poor little new blog has been soooo neglected.  Well, I knew that would happen, just not this bad.  So it's been a busy time, like for many of you.  Seems like everything happens at once, doesn't it?

One of my dearest, most favoritest ever people has had some health issues and has been hospitalized of late.  I try very  hard to be a good advocate for my loved ones when they need help, especially of the medical persuasion.  I do believe we are on the road to recovery now, but so much worry and time spent traveling to doctors and hospitals and looking after family affairs leaves one a bit depleted.   Note I am NOT complaining an ounce, just saying, "Whew, I'm tired."  But more importantly, "I'm Thankful!" for sooo much. 

So in my absence here we have had numerous birthdays, (some VERY special ones at that)!  I will have to share more later about that. 

One birthday resulted in my hubby baking a homemade cake ALL BY HIMSELF!  Yay! 
And chocolate, of course.

And then we managed to work in a little something fun for a swim team bake sale.  My poor Young Man barely even got to compete since we were out of town so much, but it's a wonderful team and a great opportunity for the kids.  These yummy little cupcakes were 'beach' cupcakes:  Graham cracker crumbs for sand and blue sugar for water.  Tiny umbrellas and a gummy fish in the middle, Yum!

I love my crochet.  The tiniest bit of time available to do it is soooo very precious to me.  I love to feel the yarn in my hands and love to walk past the colorful baskets of yarn in my house!  Ooooh, but that does put me ina rather bad mood to keep walking past and not be able to grab it up and hook a while....  So I finally finished this cute little bit of colorful crochet goodness.  I do have some loose strings to fix, and I certainly rushed the finishing process, not my best work.  But hey, I'm just so glad I finished something!

Oh and that reminds me of something else I happened to work in and forgot to get a picture of.  I'll add that later.  It's too cute and very little - girly....

So when there is yarn there is always a cat.  This is Young Man's cat, Axle.  He is very handsome and always full of himself. 

I hope you've enjoyed your months since my last post.  I hope all is well with you and look forward to settling in and being able to share more with you more often! 


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