Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy Happy Days

Every day is an adventure around here, but sometimes we actually get to go out and have some fun with a Young Man kind of adventure.  This fall he has given us ample opportunity to get outdoors and do things we wouldn't have otherwise.

October 1st was blustery cold here and we did have a little bundled-up sort of picnic by our fire ring.  The usual fried chicken, potato salad and fruit accompanied by the family dog, drooling of course.  For us it's just a fun way to welcome fall.

Then we went on a little camping trip for Young Man.  Just one night and we knew it would be a little chilly, but we were excited to go as it would be Sweet P's first camping trip. 

It was fun setting up our little 'home' for the night.  Sweet P.  enjoyed every bit of outdoor time spent toddling and trying out her new 'run'.  Young Man had lots of friends and activities to enjoy.  We rarely saw him actually...

 Our fun afternoon turned into a bright, chilly night.  It was a great time to sit around a campfire and chat with friends and chase little people who loved the idea of outdoor freedom in the moonlight!  We did wake up with cold noses and very, very, very much enjoyed our morning coffee.  Yes, I did say morning coffee. 
It's still camping - but with coffee!  You've got to have priorities, right?

 A gorgeous, crisp morning full of light.

 It was all great fun for little people and big people.  We can't wait to do it again.

 Next, young man had a fishing trip to attend and we wanted to go as a family.  That meant setting up a little day-camp for Sweet P. and myself.  As she would like to 'be the fish' and play in the water that was much too cold, we had to make an interesting site far from the fishing spot.

 It was a beautiful day to be out.  It was one of those days when the sun felt so hot we would put our blanket just in the edge of the shade, but as the sun moved we began to notice the chill.  It was an afternoon spent moving our blanket many times chasing the sun's warmth.   

This was our view of the fishing spot.  A view dappled with color. 

 But this was our 'close-up' view!  Yarny goodness and happy toddler-time goodness was very much appreciated in our sun warmed spot.  This is a small afghan I made with stash-on-hand. 
And at the end of the day everyone was smiling.  Young Man was successful and had a great time catching our dinner.  Sweet P. was very interested as long as she maintained a little distance from the catch. 

Ahhhh...  It was just so gorgeous!  
Just looking at this picture now makes me feel so relaxed.  I need to make a screen-saver with it.  Then print it out poster size and hang it in every room, lol! 

Happy Day to you!

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