Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo-tiful October

A kitty to help decorate my window for fall. 

Our window gives the little ones something to do.  So much to see and play with and rearrange.
See those fabric carrots?  I made those years ago along with a pumpkin. 
I can't believe they are still around. 

A very warm fall welcome on the patio.

Colorful leaves over the patio.

 The beautiful view with cows.  
I just Love cows! 

 One of my favorite spots of color out back.

My completed Very-Retro fall sweater/vest/apron...
 The same basic granny square sweater that I used for Stash Busting Cutie
but with different trim, different sleeves and I did not seam the sides.  

I made these little granny-stripe pieces and crocheted buttons to wrap around the sides like an apron. 

Truly it was just to use up stash and provide Sweet P. with an extra layer of warmth. 
 Can you believe those colors?!  They definitely say "Fall" but to me they also said "1970's, avocado, rust."
This is perfect for the season, but she totally looked like a Pumpkin Fairy!

Halloween goodies for a friend.

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving results:  My very quickly done attempt.

Hubby's carefully planned cutie. 

Young Man's very first ever All-By-Himself pumpkin carving!
Can you see him in the dark?
We have so much fun each year sitting out in the cool air, leaves swirling around, and watching each other carve out a surprise.  I love family traditions and making memories.  Fall is such a perfect time of year.  I think because of the cooling temps and the warm colors it just gets us in a nesting mood.  The thought of time to come in and be close and cozy together as a family just makes my heart sing! 

 Speaking of heart-singing-happiness, here are my tiny few ripples.  I hope to spend some time with this wonderfully soft Cotton-y yarn today.  Now that Retro is done I will ripple away until I find another yarn distraction. 

I love my little family.  I love the season and my yarn.  I hope you have lots of love where you are too.

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