Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Trip

 One of our favorite things to do is take Day Trips.  In September we were able to participate in a day at The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia.  It's  a great way to spend some time outdoors and seeing how others have lived.  There is lots of walking and exploring to be done here.  I just thought I'd share a few of our favorites with you.

The English Farm.

Look at the detail in this chimney!  Love it!

Young Man is always interested in Animals of Every Kind.  I could not pull him away from this area.   But it wasn't long after I did get him to wander with me that he made friends with a lovely chicken.

Quiet moments with Sweet P. in her stroller and Young Man running along with a group of boys.

We had a picnic lunch here by this fence with the big friend above.

Simple beauty. 

More Animals of Every Kind love.

The German Farm.  There is a great barn with hay loft here that young men (and little ladies) can enjoy climbing and jumping out of for hours if allowed.

The Museum was decorated up in preparation for their Oktoberfest celebration.

And then we came home and reflected on how simply people lived in those times.  Not that it was easy, but there is something very attractive to me about the simplicity.  They sometimes cooked and slept in the same rooms.  Really big rooms with a rough bed, a large table and a huge fireplace.  A hard life at times, I'm sure.  Their priorities were much different than some of ours today.  No granite kitchens and stainless steel! 

So as we mixed and baked up some molasses bread it was pretty interesting to consider how things used to be done.   And made us grateful for some of the things we take for granted.  But it also impressed upon me the importance of living more simply. 

So, for what it's worth... my pondering today.

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