Thursday, November 10, 2011


First, I just have to say how special it is when my Young Man wants to have a cup of coffee or tea with me.  Ah, I just LOOOOVE it!  Of course, he is not allowed to consume any real quantity of either, but we fix a special mug, (Darth Vader on this day), with lots of milk, a fair amount of sugar and a splash of coffee.  Or we opt for decaf tea.  I just love my time with him and it's so great to see him enjoy that special time with me.  I will continue to foster this with the hopes that as he grows older he will continue to know that we can always take time to sit with a good cuppa and chat about whatever is on his mind.  And have a cookie...

I see YARN!!!
Well, you know how I think.
Actually, we had a spectacular, cool day at Mt. Vernon and I can't wait to show you some of the pictures from our day.  The views are almost as amazing as the history.  I'll try to get that together soon. 

But for now just a peek at my tiny bit of Ripples....

Remember the Ripple-A-Long?  Here is my first post about it and Here is where it all started at Attic24.

I will tell you that I was struggling with which color next?  Does that look right??  Oh, I just don't like how that looks!  Etc....


 I kind of like it now.  I mean, maybe I'm just bonding with it because it spends so much time in my hands and I've gotten used to the colors I've chosen.  I don't feel that I've gotten very far, but that's not important.  It gave me something to do on a recent car journey and I love always having it close by in it's basket waiting to be picked up. 

Ok, so looking at it now, I'm still not crazy about how it started out, but I have lots to learn about using colors together and I'm on a Color Journey.  I will sit and ponder my next few color choices and hopefully will surprise myself.  And you!

Lastly, I just have to say I'm always amazed at the amount of catalogs that come in the mail as the Christmas season approaches.  This is my stack so far.  I have decided to watch the stack this year and see just how many catalogs make their way to the Hearthroom .  Of course we recycle here at the Hearthroom, but I just found a great little new-to-me idea for these babies. 

My grandmother gave me an early Christmas present when I went for a visit this past week.  She is the one who years ago instilled in me my LOOOOVE for handmade everything.  And she continues to bring me great ideas and inspiration.  Although they mostly involve YARN . . .  this little craft helps you recycle.

I'll be back to show you what you can do with your stack soon!

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