Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planning & "Planting"

Hello!  I've been studying and taking notes on some fabulous gardening ideas I really want to try this year.  I know, I know...  I said we would not be having a big garden here at the Hearthroom this year, but I can't stand to not have a garden.  See these sweet little peppers?  I bought them at the store this weekend, but I really want to pick my own this summer. 

Now we did put in a first year garden here last summer and it was a tremendous amount of work!  And need I say there were little people who deserved most of my time?  So a big, huge, over-the-top kind of garden is not happening this year, but yes indeed, some gardening is happening.  Well, at least the plans are happening.

This book is proving to be very motivating!  I just love new gardening ideas, especially when it incorporates "Edible" in my very-much-needed "Landscaping" plans.  Ooooo...  I just started into this book and I can't wait to spend more time drooling over her pages!  I truly do want to be able to grow as much as possible that will feed this family and possibly others, but it will have to happen in stages...  Over time.  Patience is a virtue, I hear....

However, this week, as I am excitedly carrying this book and my gardening journal from room to room, I have to admit that a virus has hit the Hearthroom.  Yep, I've been quite busy mothering sick little people and one Big Guy.  It's been awful, really, but everyone is now on the mend.  So I've had some time to sit and hold my babies and read and plan, but no real time to go outdoors into the sunshine.  So today I couldn't resist taking a few minutes to "plant" some instant color while I sat on the very neglected patio. 

Ahh, just a little color and a little whimsical fun for Momma.

Actually, as children slept I made an attempt to do a little yarn inventory to see where I am with finishing, ahem, and starting, some projects.  And the sun was bright and it was so warm out I just needed to head outside.  As my tulip bulbs are done, (I did actually plant them), and the hyacinths are through, I had these nice clean pots sitting about and one thing just led to another.

That's just how I think.  And I get such great joy from something so silly and whimsical. 

These are mostly the colors for the Ripple I've been working on. 

With a few other colors of different projects I'm secretly working on, hee hee...  You can probably already guess they involve granny-ish things.

So with all the gorgeous, face-warming sunshine from earlier today, I truly enjoyed being just silly for a bit and taking in the quiet.  It looks quite different out there now, as it's very dark and blowing like crazy!  Looks and sounds like a good storm heading this way.

A boy and his cat...

  Somehow, even though it's been a hard week here in the Hearthroom, we've been able to enjoy some of the unusually calm moments, too.

Hope you have too! 


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  1. Haha I love the cat photo, we have one with legs that colour too!!! :)
    As for arranging yarn in peculiar places, I think we all have to admit to that! ;)
    Hope you're all germ free now and on the mend!!!
    Vivienne x


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