Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yarn Drapery and Flowers

After showing you the Curli-Q Flowery Scarf I finally finished, I mentioned I had thought of another idea for the little beauty besides having it all wrapped up around my lovely pink tulips!

Aren't these sooo beautiful?!  Absolutely spectacular!  And I LOVE to see them every time I walk through the house. 

These were actually a Valentine gift from all my sweeties.  I love flowers, but the kind that can grow and bloom and I can keep around for ages are the BEST!

So, on to my idea....  I'm sure it's been done many times before, but....

It just occurred to me how sweet it would be as a window topper!  So here is my very crude, rough trial of such idea.

I think it's lovely and WonDerFul!  Except that I would need to fashion it in a way to cover hardware and maybe make something fuller to give better coverage.  Oh my poor brain!  It's on yarny-flower overload with more ideas.

But you can see the simplicity of the idea and how it could work.  It's enough to get me excited anyway.

So then I felt the need for some spring slippers.  Well, actually I have had the need for some slippers as my old ones had expired and the floors are still cold here in the Hearthroom...  But I felt the need to make them spring-y.

I had this great spring green colored yarn to use.  Nothing says spring better than green, right?

And nothing says spring flowers better than a vivid pink, well, except hyacinth purple, but pink is what I had on hand.

The pattern that these are based on is Crochet Loafer Slippers in Vanna's Choice Heartfelt Gifts, but if you know me, I added and changed and embellished until my heart was content!

I added two rows of bobbles across the top of the foot and the scalloped edging around the sides.

And made little flowers in a deeper green with button centers to embellish my ties... 

So now if only wearing all this green on my feet will eventually reach my thumb!  Then maybe I will have a frilly and fabulous garden full of blooms this year!

Do you ever have those days when you just feel down or low?   When you're just kind of worn out from the everyday.  It's the everyday stuff of life that I truly love, my mundane tasks of keeping and loving this home and nurturing my littles and playing with pets...  I could go on...  But some weeks seem to go on and on without a break and tend to wear me down.  It seems I can go and go and take a lot and then run out of steam all at once.  It's inevitable.  I had a few of those low days and realized that is when I turn to my actual paper journal... Pen and paper journaling really help to get it out there and over with.  Well, it sorts things out at least.

So it just occurred to me that I wasn't posting here while I was feeling low.  I guess I have a tendency to believe that no one wants to hear me whine, lol!  So I keep it to myself in my paper place.  It's better off there, truly, but it just seemed that it wasn't very transparent of me not to put it here.  But oh I do have those days.

While I was doing the pen and paper journaling I was feeling very lifted up by the prettiness of these papers.  And I was realizing that as much as I am totally aware that one needs breaks from the routine and needs rest occasionally, I'm still not very good at requiring it of myself until I'm already over-done.

I found these papers while Young Man had a VERY important hiking/birthday event to attend last weekend.   Hubby and I went for a stroll in downtown Roanoke.  I happened to find this Cath Kidston stationery in one of the shops there called Chocolate Paper.  It's fabulously cheery stationery and it's from a superbly delicious shop!  Oh, the change of scenery was so good, as was the time with Hubby and Sweet P.  Well, Sweet P. made it a bit of a challenge to be in a shop named Chocolate Paper, if you can imagine, but over all it was WonDerFul.

So, I'm all sorted out for now, lol!  And I'm excited to say I have this lovely, uplifting paper to share with the family and friends I write to.  But for now I just continue to look at it and feel inspired by it.  I'm thinking of  covering a journal with some of it. 

And on to other hooky projects, of course.  I need to go check my Hooky Inspiration Journal and see what grabs me next!  I really do need to make some curtains, but am thinking about making some valances for Young Man's room.  I just need to make sure they look very guy-ish... 

I'll go work on that!
Happy Yarn Time!


  1. I love your scarf/window topper! Agree that the varying flowers and buds makes it super special compared to the Stitch Nation design - lovely!

    I was fondling the exact same CK notelets last weekend, also some sweet stickers. Think I might go back to the shop tomorrow and treat myself.

    Sending lots of love


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