Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roanoke Star

On a really cold and windy day we happened to find ourselves at the Roanoke Star. 

BELIEVE me when I say cold and windy...   I had to take a pic of the sign to tell me all the Very Important Details of such a star, as the uncomfortable grimace on Sweet P's face was very convincing.
You can also check out more about this star here

You can really see this star all lit up at night in various colors, but I had not been up to meet the actual star before this day.  It's really a neat place to visit and I look forward to going back this spring - when it's warmer!

It's always a fun perspective to look down over a city.  Isn't Roanoke beautiful all nestled down in these mountains?

Truly, it was pretty cold out, so it was much nicer hanging indoors with paper to play with.  Yes, Sweet P. and I have been busy... See how quickly those hands are moving?  Quite BUSY with many papers and glue and lots of glitter.  Wow, it's been fun and messy!  I can't wait to come back and show you what we've been doing. 

 I've also worked in loads of yarn time lately.  That ripple is really growing along now.  I'm at a point where I need to order more yarn.  I surprised myself by running out of one color, so I need to go take inventory and see what else is needed.  Oh, and then I went on a Granny Square Frenzy!  Goodness me, I just wanted to find one square that would be suitable for use in a valance and once I got to searching, well....  I was hooked (literally) by soooo many that I've got LOADS of Granny Plans!  I was so excited I started trying squares out of whatever old stash I could find.  You know how I get excited...

See you soon!

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