Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hooked on Baby Crochet!

Hello, Lovely People!  Are you having a good week?  I'm quite happy to be at the weekend myself.  I have tried to keep up with housey-stuff this week around the school schedule so I can hopefully capture some relax time over the weekend.  I desperately need to make myself get out to exercise, though.  But hey, if I have time to relax then I'll feel more like going out to exercise right? 
Anyway, I hooked up this adorable cardigan from Little Crochet.  You may remember it from my Favorite Baby Crochet post.  I used some old stash yarn called Spa.  It is SUPER soft and easy to work with.  I think this color is the ocean spray, but honestly, I lost the label, so...

I pictured some pretty little floral buttons on this cardi for a more vintage feel, but none could be found here at the Hearth Room.  However, once these pink sparklies sparked Sweet P's interest, we  had found our match!

It was a lot of fun to make this little sweater and it really worked up quite quickly.  It's a nice weight for layering, especially over a turtleneck this fall. 


And this is the little bonnet from the same book.  I tell you, this Linda Permann is right on with her kid crochet patterns.  I love them!  I wonder what else I can find that she's done....

This is the cutest modern take on a little bonnet.  I love the zig zag stitching that sets the border off just right.  The strap is perfectly placed and it crocheted up in a nice tight fabric to keep out the chill.  This was made with Vanna's Choice yarn, but again I do not know the names of the colors.

See this?  Now, any of you who have visited here a while know that Sweet P will NOT keep hats on.  Ever since she graduated from 'Baby' to 'Toddler' and she realized that her hands could help alter her environment, she has refused to keep anything on her head.  But she LOVED this bonnet!  Woo Hoo!  I'm picking out another color, Sweet P!
She just woke from a nap and was all too ready to model her new goodies.  She put them on with her PJs and hit the swings. 
I love to see crochet and flowers together.  I take way too many pictures of the combination of the two!  Yarn Joy!
 Oh, I love my littles and I love that I can make some things for them to wear or cuddle up in. 
I've got more on the hook, so I better get going!

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